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Remuneration to Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members


Remuneration to Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members

The Company discloses the number of individuals to whom remuneration is paid and the total amount of remuneration by Directors as well as Audit & Supervisory Board members. Remuneration and other important matters relating to Directors as well as Audit & Supervisory Board members are determined by way of resolution at the Company's annual general meeting of shareholders. In this manner, steps are taken to determine the total maximum amounts of compensation payable to Directors as well as Audit & Supervisory Board members. Remuneration (including bonuses) paid to each Director is determined by a resolution of the Board of Directors. Remuneration (including bonuses) paid to each Audit & Supervisory Board member is determined based on deliberations between Audit & Supervisory Board members. The basic remuneration of Directors as well as Audit & Supervisory Board members is paid as a fixed remuneration amount in accordance with individual duties and status, whether full or part time. Directors' bonuses are determined in accordance with the Company's business results and individual Director's responsibilities and performance.

The Company has introduced a stock option system in connection with the payment of remuneration to Directors (excluding outside Directors). The stock option system was introduced as an incentive to further motivate Directors to enhance corporate value. In determining the number of stock options allocated, consideration is given to each Director's position, responsibilities, authority, and other factors and determined by the Board of Directors in accordance with established rule.

Amount of remuneration paid to Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members(*1) (For FY 2016/3)

Subject of Remuneration Number of People Remuneration Amount
(Outside Directors)
Audit & Supervisory Board members
(Outside Audit & Supervisory Board members)
(Outside Directors, Audit & Supervisory Board members)

*1 The following items are also included in the aforementioned amounts of remuneration.

  1. Bonuses paid for FY2016/3
    Directors: ¥100 million paid to 11 Directors(¥3 million paid to two outside Directors)
    Audit & Supervisory Board members: ¥4 million paid to three Audit & Supervisory Board members (¥1 million paid to one outside Audit & Supervisory Board member)
  2. Amount of remuneration paid by way of stock options
    Directors: ¥371 million paid to 10 Directors
  3. Number of Directors receiving compensation Includes two Directors who resigned during FY2016/3
  4. Number of Audit & Supervisory Board member receiving compensation
    Includes two Audit & Supervisory Board members who resigned during FY2016/3

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