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Medium-term Management Plan


Transformation Target for Fujifilm Group

Based on its group vision -Anchored by an open, fair and clear corporate culture and with leading-edge, proprietary technologies, Fujifilm is determined to remain a leading company by boldly taking up the challenge of developing new products and creating new value -the Fujifilm Group strives to be a going concern which keeps growing steadily, by promoting various actions catered to improving management environments.

Medium-term Management Plan “VISION 2016”

After celebrating the 80th anniversary in January 2014, the Fujifilm Group adopted a new corporate slogan, “Value from Innovation”, reflecting the Company's commitment to continuously creating innovative technologies, products and services that empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow's businesses and lifestyles. Under this slogan, the medium-term management plan “VIS ION 2016” identifies resolving various social tasks as the Company's opportunities for business growth. The plan sets out the Company's resolve to creating new values with its advanced proprietary technologies to build a business portfolio that secures stable medium-term growth, so as to evolve into a company that delivers social contributions with sustainable growth.


Concept of Medium-Term Management Plan: VISION 2016

Three Pillars of Growth Strategies

[Chart]Three Pillars of Growth Strategies

For details regarding management plan, refer to the following:

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