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Annual Report 2013

About the Annual Report 2013

In October 2011, we announced the medium-term management plan, VISION80, which culminates in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014, our 80th anniversary of establishment. Through this plan, we have created the foundation to propel us to a phase of full-fledged growth. Please see the "Strategy" page, which reports the progress of our initiatives.

Management Strategy

Under VISION80, we are working to promote growth strategies in priority business fields while speeding up global expansion. Specific initiatives are introduced in the pages shown below.

Promoting Priority Business Growth Strategies

Accelerating the Pace of Global Business Development

The "Technological Assets" page is filled with content that communicates directly how the Fujifilm Group's fundamental technologies led to the cultivation of film production in the photographic business and into the processing of photo prints. Here, we show how we have advanced the core technologies that are the source of our competitiveness and combined them to create distinctive Fujifilm Group products.

Fundamental Technologies Cultivated through Photographic Business

Converting Evolving Technologies into Products

Readers who wish to learn more about the Fujifilm Group will find details in the "FUJIFILM Overview" corner, which provides an overview of our corporate history and introduces our business strengths in an easy-to-understand form.


We began the wholesale transition of information to our website in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012, in an effort to make this information easily accessible to a greater number of people. At this point, we stopped publishing and distributing a printed version of our annual report. In constructing our site, we have avoided the use of video and Flash content in order to make the information available to readers regardless of their browser environment. We have also worked to make the pages easy for anyone to read.
At the same time, we also provide a "PDF Download Box," as we anticipate that many readers may prefer a printed version. Each of these pages has been converted to PDF format so readers can freely select and download pages of particular interest. We hope you will take advantage of this feature.

PDF Download Box

Annual Report 2013

Moving Firmly onto a Growth - Progress Report on VISION80, Our Medium-Term Management Plan to TakeOur Business to a New Stage Progress under the Medium-Term Management Plan VISION80 Promoting Priority Business Growth Strategies Accelerating the Pace of Global Business Development
  • To Our Shareholders and Investors
  • CEO Interview

COO Interview


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Review of Operations
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