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Announcement of Buyback of Company Shares

(Buyback of Company Shares Based on the Articles of Incorporation as Stipulated in paragraph 2, Article 165, of the Corporate Law)

September 26, 2007
FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation (the "Company") announced that its Board of Directors decided at its meeting of September 26, 2007, to conduct a buyback of the Company's shares as noted below, based on the stipulations of paragraph 3, Article 165, of Japan's Corporate Law, as interpreted in the light of Article 156 of the Corporate Law.

1. Reason for the Buyback

The buyback will be conducted to increase the return to shareholders and improve capital efficiency as well as to enable the Company to implement a more flexible capital policy going forward, including the conduct of exchanges of shares.

2. Details of the Buyback

(1) Type of shares to be bought back: Common stock
(2) Number of shares to be bought:  2.7 million (upper limit)
(0.5% of total issued shares outstanding)
(3) Total value of shares to be bought: ¥15 billion (upper limit)
(4) Dates for purchase: October 1, 2007, to December 20, 2007
(5) Method of purchase: Market purchases on the Tokyo Stock Exchange
The Company's holdings of treasury stock as of August 31, 2007, were as follows:
  Total number of issued shares outstanding (excluding treasury stock):
  Treasury stock:
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