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Products and Services which Reflect Our Customers’ Views


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2014.

Basic Approach


The label of the health drink “Beauty Fighter” was changed to one that can easily be removed, significantly reducing the hassle when disposing of glass bottles.

As we declare in our corporate philosophy, the Fujifilm Group aims to provide the best quality products and services which are safe, appealing to customers and provide them with peace of mind, by basing our management on “Customer Satisfaction (CS).” In order to achieve customer satisfaction, it is important to obtain the views of a wide range of customers and to have a mechanism in place for effectively reflecting these in our products and services. For this purpose, we pay special attention to communicating with our customers at customer centers which are our point of contact with them. We aim to correctly grasp their views, as well as seek to respond in a speedy, kind, accurate and fair manner, and we are constructing a system to link these views to improvements in product development and our work processes.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2014.

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