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Pioneering the Future through Innovation
—Solving Social Problems with Novel Ideas and Technologies—


The Fujifilm Group has been creating new values and expanding its businesses by taking the lead in challenging social problems with a dynamic attitude that may even cause a paradigm shift in our own business. The Group’s history is marked by a series of innovations, realized by the corporate principle of “Seek what society truly needs and respond with continuous innovation.”

In order to offer fundamental solutions to various social problems currently facing us and realize a sustainable society, we need to make breakthroughs—novel solutions that transcend conventional ideas. Further, to offer such solutions as products or services, both the passion of each staff member involved in the work and the technology to integrate the solution with the product or service are indispensable. The Special Features in this issue introduce the people and technologies behind the innovations in our business—which seeks to resolve global social problems.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2013.

Six Priority Business Fields

[Image]Six Priority Business Fields

The Fujifilm Group regards the following six businesses as its priority business fields: digital imaging, healthcare, highly functional materials, graphic systems, optical devices, and document solutions. These are fields in which we can demonstrate our strengths in terms of technology and market position. These fields are also in high social demand, and, therefore, we can expect high growth. Health, energy, and information are the key social elements today to support a sustainable society, and there are many related issues to be addressed. Our healthcare, highly functional materials, and document solutions businesses are closely linked to these elements—which is why we have positioned these three businesses as core businesses to drive our overall enterprise.

[Photo]Healthcare : Nose Provides a Pathway Easy on the Patient’s Body and Mind

Transnasal endoscope contributes to early detection of gastric cancer while reducing physical distress

Transoral endoscopy has long been the standard practice for gastric examinations. However, we have commercialized an endoscope thin enough to pass through the nasal passage, lessening the patient’s discomfort.
・ With the introduction of patient-friendly transnasal endoscopes, we are contributing to the creation of an environment in which people can undergo an endoscopy without hesitation, and in which stomach cancers and other stomach diseases can be identified at an early stage.

[Photo]Document Solutions : Energy Conservation Thought Up and Implemented
by All Our Employees

Reducing CO2 emissions by introducing innovations in working style

Without relying on the same energy saving activities taking place across the company, individual workers also conduct their own energy saving measures to suit their individual working styles and environments.
・ We offer a range of individual-based energy-saving activities and solutions in offices that are struggling to reduce CO2 emissions.

Functional Materials : Converting “Waste Heat” into Electrical Power

Developing the world’s highest performance flexible thermoelectric conversion module using organic materials

Use of thermoelectric conversion has been limited to satellites and nuclear reactors using hard and heavy materials. We have developed a light and flexible material that can offer thermoelectric conversion in our daily lives.
・ If electricity can be generated from the unused heat emitted in our daily lives, a large amount of recycled energy would become available.

[Photo]Graphic Systems:Pursuing Ultimately Eco-Friendly Offset Printing through the 100% Process-Less CTP Technology

Contributing to society by providing 100% process-less CTP plates, winning support for the technology in Europe, known for the enforcement of strict environmental regulations

Offering an innovative solution that goes beyond our own product field by completely eliminating the conventional plate development process.
・ We have significantly lessened the environmental impact in the printing process by eliminating the use of particular materials and reducing the energy used in plate development.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2013.

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