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Occupational Health and Safety


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2013.

Basic Approach

[Photo]Fujifilm Kanagawa factory was awarded the 6th Annual Responsible Care Award in recognition of their activities in the Common Rules for Safe Behavior Compliance Scheme.

Fujifilm Kanagawa factory was awarded the 6th Annual Responsible Care Award in recognition of their activities in the Common Rules for Safe Behavior Compliance Scheme.

Founded on the conviction that occupational safety is the fountainhead of business activity, we are working to ensure employee protection by placing top priority on safety, and implementing exhaustive compliance with laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety.

Outline of Activities in Fiscal 2012


Fujifilm is conducting measures to create workplaces where our employees can work in good health and with peace of mind, based upon the safety policy laid down at each office, through awareness-raising among employees, activities to prevent fires and accidents, safety inspections at all level from the design, installation and operation of equipment, and checks and improvement of workplaces including by external experts, and safety patrols by the company and labor unions.

In fiscal 2012, we expanded information sharing on work accidents, near misses and measures to prevent their recurrence, which had been conducted among domestic Fujifilm Group companies. By sharing this knowledge, we go forward not only to prevent the occurrence of similar accidents, but to promote safety activities of identification of danger spots and methods of investigating the cause, etc.

Fuji Xerox

In fiscal 2012, we undertook various activities with a focus on priority goals, including preventing workplace accidents, preventing health effects due to long working hours, expanding education on mental health, and prohibiting smoking indoors at sites in Japan, and visualizing health indicators. Regarding the prevention of work accidents, we succeeded in reducing the number of work accidents compared to the previous year, through the activities of the occupational health and safety committee to identify causes, to consider means of preventing recurrences, and to ensure thorough understanding among employees at each site, and in the future too, we intend to continue to draw attention to these issues.

Regarding activities to promote occupational health and safety in general, we are conducting activities to visualize our activities, and in particular to visualize health indicators and we have reflected them in setting the targets for our activities in fiscal 2013.

Focus on Activities

Enhancing health indicators to reduce the number of persons viewed as having metabolic syndrome

FUJIFILM Kyusyu is a young company where the average age of employees is 28 years old, but it was found that 85% of the people who were viewed as having health concerns (who were diagnosed as having something wrong) actually had metabolic syndrome. For this reason, we set a target that 20% or less of employees should be viewed as having health concerns, and set about conducting measures to achieve this. The key point was to use body composition data in which changes in the proportion of muscle and body fat as well as measurements of physical fitness are clearly shown. Health institutions, the internal health management department and the person’s direct manager got together to make a system to manage the health and lifestyle improvements which had previously been left to each person alone. Body composition measurements were made obligatory once every two weeks, close support was provided for data sheet entry, exercise classes were held within the company (made possible by each person’s manager allowing them the time to participate), and multiple contracts were made with public sports facilities located close to the companies. As a result, we were able to achieve significant results, with five people achieving their targets, four people no longer being classified as having health concerns, and 12 people who improved enough to achieve figures for good health in their medical examination, of the 26 people who participated in these efforts. In the future, we intend to enhance these activities by setting a target for achievement of only 20% of employees across the entire company having health concerns.

The Body Composition Data Results and Health Guidance

[Image]The Body Composition Data Results and Health Guidance

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2013.

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