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Sustainability Report


[Photo]Sustainability Report 2014

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation has compiled information regarding its wide range of CSR activities in the Sustainability Report (PDF file) in order to promote stakeholders’ understanding.

The Sustainability Report is created in Japanese and English.
As the printed version is not available, please download the PDF version to let you view the report.

Sustainability Report 2014

Click here to view a PDF file of the Sustainability Report.

Click here to view a comparison table of FUJIFILM Holdings Sustainability Report and GRI’s “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines 2006.”

Click here to view a comparison table of ISO26000.

Editorial Policy

FUJIFILM Holdings Sustainability Report 2014 covers information about the environmental and social aspects of the Fujifilm Group’s wide-ranging corporate activities, focusing on topics of specific importance to both the Fujifilm Group and its stakeholders.

This year’s report features the Fujifilm Group’s 80th anniversary with its history, our expanding business areas, and Sustainable Value Plan 2016 (SVP2016), the group’s Medium-Term CSR Plan. We hope that the report delivers a good insight into our business approach—which is closely linked with our CSR activities and sustainability—to all our stakeholders.

In the section covering the CSR Activity Report, we have compiled concrete examples of our CSR activities both in Japan and overseas. Individual activity results are presented with associated data to deliver concise and easy-to-understand reading. The Third-Party Opinion section this year again provides an objective assessment of our efforts.

We actively publish our CSR information on the URL below. Further details of CSR activities being undertaken in our respective group companies, including Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox, are also available on each company’s official website.

Period covered by the report

Fiscal year 2013 (April 1, 2013—March 31, 2014) is covered in the performance data. With regards to the contents of activities, wherever possible, we have conveyed the most recent trends, including activities in FY2014.

Organizations covered by the report

The Fujifilm Group (FUJIFILM Holdings, FUJIFILM Corporation and its affiliates, Fuji Xerox and its affiliates, TOYAMA CHEMICAL, and FUJIFILM Business Expert)

  • Major consolidated companies are shown here.
  • Quantitative information about personnel and labor affairs is nonconsolidated data for FUJIFILM Corporation and Fuji Xerox.
  • The scope of Labor Environment and Social Benefit Accounting is shown here.
  • The scope of Environmental Accounting is shown here.
  • The scope of environmental aspects is shown here.

Referenced guidelines

Adobe® Reader® is required to see the PDF data.

Related Information

As part of the Fujifilm Holdings' Medium-Term CSR Plan, which commenced in 2014, this section introduces the basic philosophy involved in formulating the Plan, the formulation process, and the four actionable areas for resolving social issues through our business activities.

Enhancing the quality of life and the sustainable development of society.

The Fujifilm Group examines CSR issues from both corporate and stakeholders' viewpoints and moves forward with its CSR activities by setting priority CSR targets and implementing specific measures.

We are conducting various communication activities, such as Stakeholder Dialogues, to ensure that we operate our businesses from an objective viewpoint.

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