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[Priority issue 1]Promote Global Warming Countermeasures : Outline of Activities in FY2015「Design for Environment」


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2016.

Fujifilm Group

Fujifilm Group carries out development of environmentally conscious products throughout the entire product lifecycle based on the Green Policy, and promotes to provide products and services that contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and other global environment impacts.



Fujifilm has been working on reducing environmental impact for its all new and renewed products according to “Rule for Design for Environment” since 2003. We promote to visualize the results of social contribution toward the target to “reduce CO2 emissions by 20 million tons by 2020 (compared to 2005)” stated in the Medium-Term CSR Plan, based on the internal guideline to Calculate the Environmental Contribution for the Reduction in CO2 Emissions*1 formulated in March 2013. In FY2015, we made ten case studies focusing mainly on medical products, and also confirmed new projects and updated the list of candidate projects (a total of about 60) that may contribute to CO2 emissions reductions. In view of the significant potential expansion of IoT in the future, we added a special assessment format*2 for “the Software/Service/IT System” for the Rule for Design for Environment. Aside from this, to raise awareness of the contribution for CO2 emission reduction for general customers, we actively participated in industry activities such as the LCA working group at the Japan Chemical Industry Association. We have also started provision of cosmetics with carbon offset using CO2 emissions credit in July 2016, and we are comprehensively continuing our activities for contributing to CO2 reduction.

For water usage which is now gaining world attention, we formulated the internal guideline to Calculate the Water Footprint in 2014, to commence visualization of water usage across the product life cycle. In FY2015 we conducted assessment for the resource saving solution “FUJIFILM SUPERIA” for the Graphic System Business.

In highly recognition of our activities over many years, we were awarded the Incentive Award in the 12th Awards of “LCA Society of Japan” hosted by the Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry in FY2015.

Domestic and International Appraisals Winning awards for environmental impact reduction and disclosure of climate change information

Progress of "Design for Environment"

[image]Design for Environment

Future Prospects

In FY2016, we start Design for Environment activities for the Software/Service/IT System and intend to accelerate our efforts to promote contributions to reducing CO2 toward the achievement of the 2020 targets. Also, concerning water usage, we will promote the development of products to conserve water resources and provide the environmental information through visualizing the water usage amount in our products.

*1 The internal guidelines to Calculate the Environmental Contribution for the Reduction in CO2 Emissions: A compilation of approaches and methods to visualize contributions to CO2 emissions reduction in a quantitative manner across the product lifecycle, including the stage of customer usage.
*2 Special assessment format for the Software/Service/IT System: Target setting and assessment from the perspective of Contribution on Environmental Impact Reduction on the customer side, in terms not only of things but also of reduction of movement of people and use of storage space, etc.

Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox hopes to contribute to both solving issues and reducing environmental impact at customer offices through its products and services. At the core of its mission is our concept of “RealGreen,” our policy on realizing both environmental performance and convenience. The goal is to achieve “Comfortable Eco,” an ideal rooted in our conviction that to achieve true environmental performance, our product must be stress-free for customers as well earth-friendly. With this ideal in mind, we are creating new value by developing products that seamlessly integrate the environmental technologies we have developed and refined.

In FY2015, four models of our ApeosPort-V Series and DocuCentre-V Series won the Chairman’s Prize of the Energy Conservation Center in the Product and Business Model category of the 2015 Energy Conservation Grand Prize. This is the 13th award Fuji Xerox has won and the highest number in the industry (see page 21). In software, environmental action is being implemented for the entire product commercialization process starting from the product planning stage, with emphasis on (a) new functions and ideas in reducing environmental impact, (b) environmental impact reduction effect when used by the customer, (c) environmental action on media, printed matter, packaging, etc., provided to the customer and (d) environmental improvement activities by the organization in charge of product commercialization. We contribute to CO2 reduction in the customer office by offering software with outstanding effect in reducing environmental impact.

RealGreen Concept

[image]RealGreen Concept

Future Prospects

We will continue to contribute to business growth of our customers and at the same time reduction of CO2 emission, through solutions and services that are the strengths of our company combined with outstanding environmentfriendly products by eco-friendly technologies that we have developed over our history.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2016.

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