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[Priority issue 1] Raise Compliance Awareness and Ensure Risk Management: Outline of Activities in FY2015:Ocupational Health and Safety/Promotion of Health


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2016.

Ocupational Health and Safety/Promotion of Health

Fujifilm Group

The Fujifilm Group believes it essential to ensure that employees can work with vigor and in good health both physically and mentally at their workplaces, in order to implement our vision of maintaining our position as a leading company by Creating New Value. In the Group, however, we suffered further cases of decreased labor productivity and an increase in medical costs. In response, we established a group-wide health promotion council composed of the Group companies’ Human Resources divisions, industrial doctors and the Fujifilm Group health insurance association in July 2013. The council has since been proceeding with its efforts to conduct activities focusing on four areas: prevention of serious lifestyle-related diseases; quitting smoking; mental illness and prevention of overwork.

In FY2015, as a group-wide measure to prevent lifestylerelated diseases, we implemented a target to reduce the number of persons with metabolic syndrome to 25%. We were able to achieve the target and reduce the number of persons with metabolic syndrome to 21% through life-style habits and diet counseling.


[Image]Held promotion seminars on endoscopic examination of colon for early detection and treatment three times.

Held promotion seminars on endoscopic examination of colon for early detection and treatment three times.

In 2014, Fujifilm opened the Nishiazabu Medical Center in its headquarters building. We are trying to improve the detection rate and early treatment of cancer by establishing an environment that enables employees to easily have endoscopic examinations, which are more accurate than x-ray screening and effective for the early identification of cancer in the stomach, esophagus, and colon. In FY2015, to encourage the further use of this Center, we conducted activities to enlighten about the colorectal examination through cancer control seminars, etc. For some employees, we have implemented a program which subsidizes 70% of the cost of a colorectal examination in order to increase the rate of employees who take the colorectal cancer examination. As for the occupational health and safety, we are working to raise awareness about safety through prevention of falling accidents which have been increasing across Japan. We conducted activities to raise safety awareness by having activities on near-misses, etc., not just in factories but throughout the entire group including office-working divisions of sales companies etc., using the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s “STOP Falling Accidents Project” as a reference. In addition, we have been sharing information on minor work accidents and disseminating information throughout the Group to ensure that the same type of accidents do not occur again in the other departments. In FY2015, we launched efforts to horizontally and mutually share lessons from work accidents, as well as sharing data after discussing sharing of work accident information with global sites starting with the U.S.

Fuji Xerox

In FY2015, Fuji Xerox conducted activities focused on the five priority targets of ”measures for quitting smoking and preventing lifestyle-related diseases,” “measures against cancer,” “measures for mental health,” “countermeasures against risk due to overwork,” and “prevention of work accidents.” All companies, including domestic affiliated companies, have banned smoking during working hours. As a result of our stop-smoking treatment subsidy program and quit-smoking support seminars, the proportion of smokers has fallen from 19.1% to 17.6%. In terms of measures against cancer, we have established a system to enable employees at all companies to have endoscopic examinations for stomach. We have added checks for gynecological cancer to our regular health checks, and as a result of employees being able to have at no personal cost, the number of employees having such checks doubled compared to the previous year to over 60%. In Oct. 2015, we introduced the colorectal cancer endoscopic check subsidy system which is helping to contribute to the early detection and early treatment of cancer.

In terms of measures to support mental health, 93% of employees took our annual stress check in FY2015. In addition, in FY2015, the number of employees who had consultation regarding long working hours increased by 54.8% compared to last fiscal year, and as well as the safety and health committee conducting discussions on causes and countermeasures at each factory, we are also reinforcing predictive management based on individual data and seeking to reduce risk of the occurrence of damage to health due to long working hours.

Future Prospects

In FY2016, the Fujifilm Group managed to maintain the numbers of people with metabolic syndrome while at the same time enhancing our stop-smoking activities. At Fujifilm, we deploy the group-wide measures to share work accident information and lessons from accidents to Europe. From FY2016, Fuji Xerox will conduct activities focusing on the five priority targets as common areas with the rest of the Fuji Xerox Group, and utilizing the health database introduced in FY2015, we will make efforts for promotion for occupational health & safety and promotion of health.

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