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The Fujifilm Group’s Approach to a Sustainable Society


To celebrate the 80th anniversary, the Fujifilm Group founded its new corporate slogan, “Value from Innovation,” which seeks to continue creating new technologies, products and services that inspire and excite people everywhere, and empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow’s business and lifestyle. We established VISION 2016, our Medium-Term Management Plan and Sustainable Value Plan 2016, our Medium-Term CSR Plan based on this slogan.

We believe that creating new value through our unique and advanced technologies and solving social issues through our business activities, present opportunities for our business growth and at the same time we can contribute to society.

To put this into practice, we selected businesses in which we can demonstrate our strengths in terms of technology and market position. In these priority business fields (healthcare, highly functional materials, document solutions, graphic systems, optical devices, and digital imaging) high growth is expected due to rising social demand. In particular, health, energy, and information are today key social elements to support a sustainable society, and there are many related issues to be addressed. For this reason, we positioned the healthcare, highly functional materials, and document solutions businesses as the core businesses to drive our overall enterprise.

The Fujifilm Group aims at being a corporation that contributes to the sustainable development of society though creating “new value.”

Working to manage the brand through a corporate slogan, “Value from Innovation”

Booklet for promoting greater employee understanding

Booklet for promoting greater employee understanding

We globally reinforced our brand value in order to disseminate the true meaning of this slogan, and to enable each employee to realize “Value from Innovation.”

  • Corporate advertisements in newspapers, magazines, and websites in and out of Japan
  • Questionnaire to employees
    (Response from 11,300 individuals in Japan and overseas on brand image etc.)
  • Publication and distribution of related leaflets
  • Commencement of the Innovation Idea Proposals Program that can be used by all employees across the world

Concept of VISION 2016, the Medium-Term Management Plan


We established the Medium-Term Management Plan “VISION 2016” in November 2014. We plan to expand our market by providing products that fully meet customer needs, focusing on our business fields of healthcare, highly functional materials, and document solutions as the growth drivers. We also intend to improve our profitability in all businesses by enhancing productivity. Through this, we will enhance our business portfolio where stable growth in the medium to long term can be expected, with the aim of being a company that contributes to society through sustainable growth.

Medium-Term CSR Plan
FUJIFILM Sustainable Value Plan 2016


Sustainable Value Plan 2016 (SVP 2016), the Fujifilm Group’s medium-term CSR plan for FY2014 to FY2016, is the representation of our approach to corporate social responsibility, which states “Contribute to the sustainable development of society by putting our Corporate Philosophy into practice through business activities.” Through our technologies, products, and services in the four priority fields, we are working to resolve various social issues besides conscious on environmental and social impact within business processes.

Related Information

Targeting further growth with our priority businesses as the core.

As part of the Fujifilm Holdings' Medium-Term CSR Plan, which commenced in 2014, this section introduces the basic philosophy involved in formulating the Plan, the formulation process, and the four actionable areas for resolving social issues through our business activities.

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