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Overall View of the Environmental Impact


Outline of Activities in FY2013

The Fujifilm Group is working towards recognizing the social and environmental impact through the material flow system summarized resource inputs and emission from our corporate activities in all business process-from material procurement, manufacturing, transportation, to usage and final disposal.

Understanding the entire picture of such impact caused by our activities throughout the value chain is helping us to accelerate our efforts towards realizing a sustainable society.

Formulating internal guideline for calculations of greenhouse gas emissions based on the Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Protocol

Requests from our investors and customers concerning disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions calculations based on the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Greenhouse Gas Protocol(*1) have been increasing. To respond to such requests, Fujifilm has formulated internal guideline that embody the procedure for greenhouse gas emissions calculations following the Basic Guideline on Supply Chain GHG Emission Accounting published in March 2012 by the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Since fiscal 2007, the FUJIFILM Group has been calculating the CO2 emissions not only from its production processes, but also across the entire product lifecycle-including material procurement, production, distribution, usage, and disposal. The calculation results covering seven categories in whole 15 categories have already been evaluated and disclosed. We have re-estimated based on the Basic Guideline and verified that the calculations are feasible in 13 categories (including business travel and commuting) using only data that we have already summerized. The categories of “Investments” and “Franchises” are not applicable to our business. Further, the five categories other than “Capital goods” were found to be minor contributors to CO2 emissions, and the calculated CO2 emissions results based on the Scope 3 were almost the same as the results based on our calculation method for product lifecycle.

We will fully utilize the new guideline and disclose the results properly.

*1 Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Greenhouse Gas Protocol: Scope 3 refers to indirect emissions, such as material procurement, distribution, usage, disposal, as well as employees’ commuting and business travel. Scope 1 concerns direct emissions from sources owned or controlled by the company, and Scope 2 refers to indirect emissions resulting from energy usage.

FY2013 Results for Fujifilm Group based on GHG Scope3

[Image]FY2013 Results for Fujifilm Group based on GHG Scope3

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