From making cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to contributing to the exploration of the moon, Fujifilm has been reborn.

Shigetaka Komori
Chairman and CEO
FUJIFILM Corporation
FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation

Development of skincare products featuring superior ingredients and permeability to enhance the skin’s beauty. Pharmaceutical research utilizes cutting-edge biotechnology. Medical diagnostic systems using proprietary imaging technology to contribute to the early detection of disease. Touch-sensitive films to expand the possibilities for smartphones and tablet devices. Business solution services using full-color digital multifunction devices.
Next-generation digital inkjet printers that revolutionize conventional printing. Lenses developed for use in space to be utilized to explore the moon.
All of these have come out of the expansion of our photographic film and related businesses. Fujifilm has been reborn as a company that will change the future across six fields of business. Our goal, in this ever-changing world, is to continue creating new values that people truly need.

Across six fields of business, the Fujifilm Group continues generating new values.

From our premium digital camera "X Series" to our "Photobook" services, Fujifilm is unique in providing the shoot, print and the wide range of ways to enjoy photographs.

From cosmetics and supplements to medical systems and pharmaceuticals, we are working to become a total healthcare company covering prevention, diagnostics and treatment.

Fujifilm develops film materials for smartphone and tablet touch panels and large LCD displays, electronic and industrial materials, and other highly functional materials utilizing our proprietary technologies.

Fujifilm helps streamline production by providing graphic films, printing plates and other print industry materials, next-generation inkjet digital printing equipment and wide-format printers.

From TV camera lenses to lenses designed for mobile phone cameras and satellites, the FUJINON brand is highly regarded around the world for producing a wide range of lenses.

Fuji Xerox provides solutions and services that optimise client business growth by helping them overcome their document and communications-related management issues.

Value from Innovation

By combining our own original technologies with expertise from around the world, Fujifilm will continuously create products and services that inspire and excite people everywhere.

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