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Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior


In addition to pursuing profits through fair competition, corporations must make a contribution to society at large. To this end, the Fujifilm Group, in its corporate activities in Japan and abroad, respects human rights, observes both the spirit and the letter of all laws and regulations and international rules, and, acting in a socially responsible manner, works independently toward the sustainable development of society and the Fujifilm Group companies, in accordance with the following five principles.

1. A Trusted Company

We develop and provide socially beneficial goods and services of the highest quality using advanced and original technologies in a safe and responsible manner. Based on an open, fair and clear corporate climate, we create new value in a spirit of appropriate competition and fair dealing, continually striving to satisfy customers and other stakeholders and earn their trust.

2. Social Responsibility

We communicate with customers, local communities, shareholders and other members of society, conduct appropriate and fair disclosure of corporate information, comply with laws, regulations, and other rules, and uphold public order and morals. As good corporate citizens, we strive to correctly understand and respect local cultures and customs and to actively engage in public interest activities, especially those that contribute to local community development.

3. Respect for Human Rights

We respect and protect fundamental human and labor rights set out in international declarations. We reject the use of forced labor or child labor in any form.

4. Global Environmental Conservation

Recognizing that positive involvement in the resolution of environmental issues is an essential part of a corporation's social role and activities, we act voluntarily and proactively to help preserve the global environment.

5. Vibrant Workplaces

We strive to develop the skills of all employees, to provide safe and comfortable workplaces, and to respect diversity, individuality and differences.

Recognizing top management's responsibility to embody the spirit of this Charter, Fujifilm Group executives shall lead by example and promote sound understanding of the Charter both within Group companies and among business partners. They shall strive to continually take account of views within and outside the Group, establish efficient corporate systems, and foster high ethical standards.

In the event of situations that contravene this Charter, top management shall clearly indicate both within and outside the Group its approach to resolving the situation and work to identify its causes and prevent any recurrence. Top management shall take accountability, promptly and appropriately disclose information, and take strict disciplinary action when appropriate, including in regard to itself.

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