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Environmental Conservation and Protection


Environmental awareness has increased enormously in recent years. Environmental conservation and protection is now a familiar and important issue for us all. Environmental issues require us to take a broader perspective, since they cannot be resolved by one region or one country alone. The cumulative effects of individual efforts can have a big impact on environmental conservation and protection. It is vital that each of us adopts a sincere attitude toward environmental laws.

1. Efforts to reduce environmental impact

Always remembering to take the global environment into consideration, we actively promote efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, including taking various measures to prevent global warming.

2. Regulations governing waste

In order to reduce the environmental impact of our corporate activities, we comply with all laws and ordinances relating to the proper disposal of industrial waste as well as those relating to recycling and the conservation and effective use of resources.

3. Regulations governing chemicals

In order to ensure chemical safety, when using chemical substances anywhere in the course of our corporate activities we comply with national laws and regulations as well as international law and internationally accepted chemical substance control standards.

4. Pollution prevention

In order to conserve and protect the environment, we comply with all laws and regulations aimed at preventing pollution, including air, water and soil pollution, as well as noise, vibration, odors and dioxins.

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