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Measures Related to Environmental Issues


Environmental issues are major challenges shared by humanity that cannot be solved by one region or nation alone. It requires the collaboration of individuals, businesses, local communities, and various other stakeholders. In addition to compliance with relevant laws and regulations, we enhance our environmental management systems to reduce the environmental burden at all stages of our corporate activities, from raw material procurement to product development, manufacturing, logistics, sales and services provision, customer use, and product end-of-life. In addition, we aim to contribute to solving environmental challenges through leading-edge technology and innovation. In order to pass on this irreplaceable earth to future generations, individual awareness and voluntary action of every employee is required.

1. Response to climate change

We recognize that the progression of human-caused climate change is a global challenge, and will work toward a carbon neutral society. We will proactively promote measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and control the impact of climate change throughout all of our business activities.

2. Contribution to a circular economy

We recognize that resources are finite, and will work toward establishing a circular economy by further promoting reduction, reuse, and recycling of resources.

3. Safety and effective use of chemicals

We will take necessary measures in the development, production, use, and disposal of chemicals to avoid the adverse effects to human health and the environment. In addition, we will maximize the effectiveness of chemicals to help solve various societal problems.

4. Protection of local environments and partnerships with local communities

We, as a member of the local communities, will partner with various stakeholders to protect air, soil, and water, to reduce noise pollution, vibrations, and odors, and to conserve biodiversity.

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