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Open, Fair and Clear Corporate Activities


We strive to ensure that the corporate activities we are involved in are always open, fair and clear. Contravention of the points listed below may lead not only to legal sanctions, but also to loss of trust in the company. To ensure our activities are open, fair and clear, it is important to aim for sincerity, openness, and highly ethical practices that encourage people to state the truth. Moreover, it is vital that corporate activities are promptly and accurately reported via managers and that all steps of the designated procedures are carried out.

1. Active communication

To respond to the demands of society and to strive for mutual development alongside society, we endeavor to improve communication among employees and to actively communicate with society. We adopt an open, fair and clear attitude and stance in the implementation of our corporate activities.

2. Information disclosure

We establish accountability by actively and appropriately disseminating our corporate information, including our management policy, business activities and CSR activities, to stakeholders (customers, shareholders and other investors, employees, local communities, business partners, etc.) in an accurate manner.

3. Fair competition

Recognizing the importance of free market competition, we do not apply unreasonable trading restrictions or use unfair trading methods that could impede fair competition.

4. Fair sales activities

We maintain equitable and fair trading relationships with sales outlets, such as sales representatives and sales agents. We do not engage in improper practices involving sales outlets, such as falsification of sales accounts, nor do we engage in actions that could cause suspicion of collusion with specified sales outlets.

5. Fair procurement

We always maintain fair relationships with suppliers. We do not engage in actions that could undermine fair relations with suppliers, such as enjoying personal advantage (in the form of money, goods, services, etc.) or otherwise abusing our dominant bargaining position.

6. Prevention of corruption

We exercise prudence and scrupulous care in our relationships with government officials and other public employees, and we do not take part in corrupt behavior.

7. Restriction on gift-exchange and entertainment

To maintain sound relationships with business partners, including sales outlets and suppliers, and to maintain clean relationships with all government officials and other public employees, we do not engage in gift-exchange or entertainment that could undermine fairness.

8. Prohibition of ideological/religious activities in our roles as executives and employees

We do not use our positions as company executives or employees to support or oppose any given political party, group or candidate, or other ideological or religious group.

9. Rejection of antisocial forces

We reject any relationship with antisocial or unlawful forces and groups that threaten public order and safety, and we do not act in ways that benefit such forces and groups.

10. Compliance with import/export laws

We comply with each country's import/export laws and regulations in the import and export of all goods and technology including software.

11. Accuracy of financial reporting

We constantly strive for accuracy in accounting and financial reporting in the course of our corporate activities, and we do not falsify accounts or take part in any activity related to such falsification.

12. Prohibition of insider trading

We do not act in ways designed to bring personal benefit such as trading in shares, bonds or other securities on the basis of non-publicly-available knowledge obtained in the course of our duties or obtained specially from business partners and others using our position as executives or employees (insider trading).

13. Quality assurance/safety of products and services

In providing products and services to the market, we make absolutely sure that they are safe and of high quality. We also provide easily comprehensible and accurate labeling and descriptions relating to the products and their use, and strive to prevent accidents. In the event an accident does occur, we respond promptly and appropriately.

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