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Fujifilm Group Code of Conduct


Various laws and other rules exist within society. In the business world, as in our everyday lives as members of society, our social worth is determined by our compliance with certain rules. We must act in accordance with such rules.

To continue growing as a company, in addition to simply following rules we must fulfill our responsibilities toward shareholders and our many other stakeholders. For some time companies have been obliged by law to ensure sound corporate governance, in other words, to create an environment for controlling corporate operations (internal controls). By assuring the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and the reliability of financial reporting, the aim of such controls is to safeguard corporate assets and soundly fulfill corporate responsibilities.

The Fujifilm Group defines compliance as more than simply not breaking the law: we believe compliance includes acting correctly in the light of common sense and ethics. Our concept of compliance is based on self-control; maintaining a sense of social responsibility in both our working and private lives and not departing from socially acceptable behavior.

To ensure we continue to be a trusted company, we declare that we will respond to the demands of society and that compliance will lie at the heart of all our efforts.

Fujifilm Group Compliance Statement

In all aspects of our corporate activities, we emphasize compliance and endeavor to create new value. If compliance requirements conflict with business profits or the demands of third parties, we give priority to compliance. An open, fair and clear corporate culture is the basis for all our activities.

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