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Business Field


Fujifilm Group is transcending its conventional business fields of “Imaging and Information” to transform into a company that contributes to the development of culture, science, technology and industry, as well as improving health and environmental protection across society. To help enhance the quality of life toward realizing a society in which people enjoy spiritual and material wealth, we will strive to realize our corporate philosophy through the three business fields of Imaging Solutions, Healthcare & Material Solutions and Document Solutions.

[Image]Business Field

Imaging Solutions

Photo Imaging / Electronic Imaging

Main Products and Services

[Photo]Imaging Solutions

Color Films and Others
  • Color negative films
  • “QuickSnap” single-use cameras
  • Color reversal films
  • Instant films
Color Paper and Chemicals
  • Photographic paper for color prints
  • Inkjet papers
  • Photofinishing chemicals
Photofinishing Equipment
  • Film processors / Printing equipment
    • Digital minilabs / Inkjet-system dry minilabs
    • Thermal photo printers
Labs and FDi Services
  • Film processing services
  • Photo printing services
Electronic Imaging
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital camera accessories

Business Overview

World-Class Provider of Products and Services, from Photo-Taking to Photo-Printing

Fujifilm develops products and services in fields ranging from film and photo-taking through to photo development and printing. Products for photo-taking include color film, the QuickSnap single-use camera and a wide range of digital cameras, while output products and services include photographic paper for color prints, photofinishing equipment and photo printing services.

Fujifilm is expanding its premium, high quality X-Series compact digital camera line-up. A unique synergy of advanced Fujifilm technologies sets new standards for image resolution, image quality and performance. Fujifilm is pursuing further differentiation through the development of new products based on its unique technologies.

In the photo print services area, we actively promote sales of high-value-added print products such as long lasting silver halide photo prints and Photobooks which can be created from customers' favorite photos.

Optical Devices

Main Products and Services

  • TV Camera lenses / Cine lenses
  • Security lenses

Business Overview

Offers lenses used in various fields

This business offers lenses used in such various fields as TV camera lenses, security lenses, projector lenses, camera phone lenses, and lenses for satellites. These lenses are under the FUJINON brand and are achieving a high reputation.

Healthcare & Material Solutions


Main Products and Services


  • “FCR” / “DR” digital X-ray imaging and diagnostic systems
  • Digital mammography systems
  • “SYNAPSE” medical-use picture archiving and communications systems (PACS)
  • Dry imaging films / Dry imagers
  • X-ray films
  • Digital endoscopes
  • Low-molecular pharmaceuticals
  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Functional cosmetics
  • Nutritional supplement products

Business Overview

Operating in the Three Fields of Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Fujifilm contributes to the advancement of the medical imaging and diagnostic field. In 1936, these efforts began in earnest with the release of X-ray films, and in 1983, Fujifilm launched its FCR system, the world's first digital X-ray imaging and diagnostic system. Now, the business is operated in the three fields of medical systems, mainly offering image diagnostics; life sciences, offering functional cosmetics and supplements; and pharmaceuticals.

Graphic Systems

Main Products and Services

[Photo]Luxel PLATESETTER T-9800HD

  • Materials and equipment for graphic systems
    • Computer-to-plate (CTP) plates
    • CTP plate setters
  • Industrial inkjet printers / Inks
  • Industrial inkjet printer heads

Business Overview

Aiming for the Leading Global Share in Digital Printing CTP Plates

Fujifilm provides printing, newspaper and publishing companies around the world with various printing materials and equipment, including plate-making films, proofing materials and pre-sensitized (PS) and computer-to-plate (CTP) plates for plate processing. Fujifilm has the top market share for CTP plate. Amid the graphic systems industry's ongoing diversification in response to changing market needs, we will supply our products to on-demand printing, inkjet and other businesses, thereby making these products de-facto standards in the industry.

Flat Panel Display Materials

Main Products and Services


  • “FUJITAC” protective films for polarizers
  • “WV films” for expanding viewing angles
  • “Transer films” for manufacturing color filters

Business Overview

No. 1 Global Share in FPD-Use Protective Films and Optical Compensation Films

Fujifilm manufactures and sells films for polarizing plates used in LCD TVs, laptop PCs and monitors. Its FUJITAC films, which are essential for LCD panels, maintain approximately 70% of the world market share. Its WV films hold a 100% global market share. These products' unparalleled quality and our aggressive investments in this business are contributing to steady market development.

Recording Media

Main Products and Services

[Photo]Data strage media

  • LTO Ultrium data cartridges
  • Data cartridges for IBM 3592
  • Professional-use videotape products

Business Overview

Providing High-Quality Data Storage Media

This business develops high-capacity, high-quality data storage media products widely used by data centers operated by large-scale organizations such as finance and research firms. We will promote the products especially ones using barium ferrite particles, developed by the Fujifilm's proprietary technologies, that can realize the world's largest capacity.

Industrial Products

Main Products and Services

[Photo]Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) System

  • Electronic materials / Photoresist products
  • Pressure / heat measurement film
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) system

Business Overview

Providing Various Products, from Electronic Materials to Pressure Measurement Film

This business is conducting R&D for highly functional materials, mainly in such growth fields as touch panels and the environment/energy fields, using the Company's proprietary technologies.

Document Solutions

Main Products and Services

[Photo]Document Solutions

Office Products
  • Color / monochrome digital multifunction devices
  • “DocuWorks” document handling software
Office Printers
  • Color / monochrome office printers
Production Services
  • On-demand publishing systems
  • Computer printing systems
Global Services
  • Comprehensive document outsourcing service

Business Overview

Offers Solution Services Regarding Document Management and Mission-Critical Operations
This business provides copy machines/multifunction devices and consumables for offices are provided. In addition, solution services regarding document management and mission-critical operations through software that realizes collaboration of multifunction devices with various types of operational systems and applications are offered.
Pursuing Compactness, High Performance, High Quality and Eco-Conscious Features
Fuji Xerox is expanding sales of products, centered on color laser printers in the markets of Asia, as well as Europe and North America, where these products are supplied on an OEM basis. In addition, Fuji Xerox has won its tenth consecutive Energy Conservation Prize, being highly recognized for its efforts to reduce the environmental burden of its color multifunction devices in the office products business and color printers.
Leading the Print-on-Demand Market with Our High-Speed, High-Quality Digital Printing Systems
In the production services business, Fuji Xerox provides on-demand printing systems and printing workflow support services as well as continuous-feed and cut-sheet printers linked with core systems. Pursuing new possibilities for digital printing, we meet customer needs for high-mix, low-volume printing through the use of variable printing systems that interface with databases.
Providing Comprehensive Customer Support and Consultation by Leveraging Know-How and Experience
Fuji Xerox is providing comprehensive outsourcing services, covering consulting and document management, to help customers solve their document-related issues.


Breakdown of Group Business Revenue

Year Ended Mach 31, 2018

[Imgase]Breakdown of Group Business Revenue

Trend in Revenue by Business Segment

[Image]Trend in Revenue by Business Segment

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