Consolidated Financial Results (Fiscal Year 2010 Earnings)

Billions of yen
Amount %
Revenue 100.0% 2,434.3 100.0% 2,181.7 (252.6)* (10.4)
Operating Income Before
Restructuring and Other Charges
2.9% 70.8 4.7% 101.6 +30.8 +43.6
Restructuring and Other Charges 1.4% 33.5 6.6% 143.7 +110.2 No data
Operating Income After
Restructuring and Other Charges
1.5% 37.3 (1.9)% (42.1) (79.4) No data
Income Before Income Taxes 0.4% 9.4 (1.9)% (42.0) (51.4) No data
Net Income Attributable to
0.4% 10.5 (1.8)% (38.4) (48.9) No data
Net Income Attributable to
FUJIFILM Holdings per Share
¥21.10 ¥(78.67) ¥(99.77)
Cash Dividends per Share ¥30 ¥25(Plan) ¥(5)
Exchange Rates: US$ ¥101 ¥93 ¥(8)
Euro ¥145 ¥131 ¥(14)
  • *Impact of yen appreciation: (90.1)


The Company's consolidated revenue amounted to ¥2,181.7 billion, down 10.4% from the previous fiscal year.
A rapid recovery in demand for FPD materials supported an increase in Fujifilm's sales of those materials, but the impact of the global recession caused drops in demand for such products as graphic arts and optical device products, and the large appreciation of the yen caused a decrease in the Company's revenue.
The amount of ¥90.1 billion out of sales reduction of ¥252.6 billion was negatively affected by yen appreciation.

Operating Income

Operating income before restructuring and other charges increased to ¥101.6 billion, up 43.6% from the previous fiscal year. This rise reflected the rise in FPD materials revenue, the improved profitability of electronic imaging business, benefit of structural reforms and our thorough reductions of costs and expenses.

Restructuring and other charges totaled ¥143.7 billion, so operating income after restructuring and other charges amounted to a loss of ¥42.1 billion.

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