Consolidated Financial Results (Fiscal Year 2011 Earnings)

Billions of yen
Amount %
Revenue 100.0% 2,181.7 100.0% 2,217.1 +35.4 +1.6%
Operating Income Before
Restructuring and Other Charges
4.7% 101.6 7.6% 168.1 +66.5 +65.4%
Restructuring and Other Charges 6.6% 143.7 1.4% 31.7 (112.0) (77.9)%
Operating Income After
Restructuring and Other Charges
(1.9)% (42.1) 6.2% 136.4 +178.5 No data
Income Before Income Taxes (1.9)% (42.0) 5.3% 117.1 +159.1 No data
Net Income Attributable to
(1.8)% (38.4) 2.9% 63.9 +102.3 No data
Net Income Attributable to
FUJIFILM Holdings per Share
¥(78.67) ¥131.30 +¥209.97
Cash Dividends per Share ¥25 ¥30(Plan) +¥5
Exchange Rates: US$ ¥93 ¥86 ¥(7)
Euro ¥131 ¥113 ¥(18)
  • Impact of forex to revenue : -68.9 billions of yen


Fujifilm's consolidated revenue during the period under review (April 1, 2010, through March 31, 2011) amounted to ¥2,217.1 billion (up 1.6%, or up 4.8% excluding the impact of foreign exchange fluctuations from the previous fiscal year). The ¥35.4 billion rise in consolidated revenue reflected such factors as launch of new products and the Group's moves to step up sales promotion measures in response to growth in emerging countries' markets. Those factors more than offset the negative impact of yen appreciation, which had the effect of reducing consolidated revenue by ¥68.9 billion.

Operating Income

Operating income before restructuring and other charges was also negatively impacted by yen appreciation by ¥15.6 billion, surging raw materials prices by ¥14.6 billion, and sales decrease caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake by ¥5.4 billion. Despite these negative impacts, the rise in consolidated revenue, the implementation of structural reforms and cost reduction measures, and other factors offset and boosted operating income before restructuring and other charges considerably to ¥168.1 billion (up 65.4% from the previous fiscal year). The implementation of the structural reform measures has proceeded on schedule, and restructuring and other charges during the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011 totaled ¥31.7 billion. As a result, operating income after restructuring and other charges amounted to ¥136.4 billion.

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