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News Release


Fujifilm Holdings compiles the mid-term CSR plan (FY2015/3 - FY2017/3),
“Sustainable Value Plan 2016”, outlining business goals for resolving
social tasks, with the aim of contributing to “sustainable social development”

May 21, 2014

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation (President: Shigehiro Nakajima) has drawn up the "Sustainable Value Plan 2016 (hereinafter "SVP2016")", a mid-term CSR plan covering FY2015/3 to FY2017/3, and initiated activities under the plan.

Marking its 80th anniversary, the Fujifilm Group has adopted a new corporate slogan, "Value from Innovation" (*1), representing the company's commitment to continuing to create valuable and innovative technologies, products and services, and empowering the potential for expanding the horizon of tomorrow's businesses and lifestyles. Complementing the slogan, the SVP2016 has been drawn up as a set of goals that provide a fresh foundation for the Group's business management. The Fujifilm Group strives to become a company that contributes to "sustainable social development" by seeing the challenge to resolve social tasks as an opportunity for business growth, and actively creating "new values" for finding solutions to social tasks.

Tapping into the company's strengths, the SVP2016 defines the "environment", "health", "daily life" and "working style" as the four key areas where Fujifilm can have a significant social impact and can contribute to resolving social tasks, by addressing eleven social tasks in the "environment" area, in particular, the plan sets a specific goal for reducing CO2 emissions, i.e. "mitigating CO2 emissions by 20 million tons by FY2021/3 from the FY2006/3 level" through disseminating the Fujifilm Group's products, services and technologies.

The company will also introduce worldwide reinforcement, across the value chain, of its environmental initiatives in business processes and CSR foundation including compliance issues, which been included as part of CSR activities until now.

The Fujifilm Group will work on these management goals to keep on providing new values and striving for sustainable social development as well as enhancement of its corporate values.

SVP2016: Key items (overview) and goals

1. Contributing to resolving eleven social tasks in four focal areas, i.e. (1) Environment, (2) Health, (3) Daily Life and (4) Working style through innovative "products", "services" and "technologies"
  • Reducing CO2 emissions to contribute to mitigating global warming
  • Contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions by 20 million tons by FY2021/3 (compared to FY2006/3)
  • Reduction and restriction of water pollution through the development of highly functional materials
  • Contribute to generating energies with low environmental impact through the application of proprietary technologies
  • Improve accessibility to medical services in emerging economies by enhancing their medical environment
  • Contribute to early detection of illnesses through the development and dissemination of systems that help improve the accuracy of diagnosis and tests
  • Accelerating the development of medicines for diseases without effective treatments that fulfill unmet medical needs, e.g. cancer or Alzheimer's Disease
  • Contribute to human health and beauty through the distribution of cosmetics and dietary supplements
[Daily Life]
  • Contribute to the development of a safe and secure society by facilitating extended data storage and enhancing crime prevention / information security
  • Contribute to enriching spiritual wealth and human relationship by preserving photographic culture and revitalizing communication in communities
[Working style]
  • Promote communications that transcend information barriers (e.g. language barrier and digital–analog barrier)
  • Offering a new way of work that is not affected by time or geographical constraints — Contributing the promotion of diversity —
2. Further promoting active initiatives in environmental tasks in all processes of business activities including production
(1) Promote global warming countermeasures

Reduce CO2 emissions throughout the product by 30% compared to FY2006/3 by FY2021/3 (FY2017/3 Medium-Term Target 10% reduction)

(2) Promote resource recycling
  • Reduce volume of waste generated by 8% compared to FY2013/3 by FY2017/3
  • Reduce material input per unit by 10% compared to FY2013/3 by FY2021/3
    (Developing the guide unit levels for main products by FY2017/3)
  • Maintaining the level of water usage against sales (unit water use) at the FY2013/3 level
(3) Ensuring the safety of products and chemicals
3. Continuing to reinforce the CSR foundation that supports corporate activities across the value chain

(1) Improving the compliance awareness within the Group and enforcing risk management on the global level

(2) Utilizing and fostering diversity in human resources

(3) Strengthening the value chain and management from CSR perspectives (human rights, ethics, etc.)

[figure] The Fujifilm Group’s New Approach to CSR

The Fujifilm Group will continue to create new values through all of its business activities, and go one step ahead of others in various initiatives to actively contribute to "sustainable social development", which is the most important challenge for our planet Earth in the 21st century.

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The information in news releases is current at the time of the release. Note that the information shown here may not be latest information (termination of production or sales, changes to specifications or pricing, organizational or contact address changes, etc.), and may be subject to change without prior notice.

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Last Updated Date : May 21, 2014

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