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Photo Tour


FUJIFILM Advanced Research Laboratories is designed under the open laboratory concept, in which barriers are removed between technology fields and organizations to encourage research into highly original, advanced technologies with a perspective on the future (2007 Good Design Award recipient).
Take this photo tour to experience the worksite atmosphere for R&D.

[Image]Floor map of the FUJIFILM Advanced Research Laboratories

Panoramic view / Main approach

[Photo]Panoramic view

Panoramic view

FUJIFILM Advanced Research Laboratories opened as our core R&D base in April 2006.

[Photo]Front gate

Front gate

A completely new corporate brand logo was designed in 2006 when the corporate name was changed.

[Photo]Main approach

Main approach

The goddess Minerva is said to have released an owl into flight to prepare for battling a new world and assembled the wisdom of its civilization. This statue symbolizes the commitment of the Advanced Research Laboratories to Intellectual Fusion and Innovation.

1F Entrance

[Photo]Statue of the goddess Minerva

Statue of the goddess Minerva

In Roman mythology, Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, scholarship and technology as well as the guardian of warriors.

[Photo]“Wisdom, Courage, Creation and Hope”

“Wisdom, Courage, Creation and Hope”

Engraved here is a handwritten message from President Komori calling for a new Fujifilm, expressing “Search for truths based on wisdom, challenges with courage for creation of new values, and hope for unlocking the future.”

[Photo]Stone owl

Stone owl

Owls again welcome visitors at the entrance after the main approach.

2F Open Laboratory / Touch Zone / Courtyard / Open-plan Space



The open atmosphere of the courtyard is a place of refreshment and relaxation for researchers from diverse fields.

[Photo]Courtyard centerpiece

Courtyard centerpiece

The sharp edges of two intertwined shapes symbolize the company's diverse, state-of-the-art technologies and express our commitment to create new value through Intellectual Fusion and Innovation.

[Photo]Open-plan Space

Open-plan Space

This highly adaptable office space allows researchers from diverse fields to freely interact, transcending organizational boundaries to set new goals and flexibly form teams.

[Photo]Long counter around the courtyard

Long counter around the courtyard

Sometimes informal conversations spark fresh inspiration for new research.

[Photo]Open Laboratory

Open Laboratory

Flexible laboratory in which equipment can be readily installed to demonstrate experiments for external partners or launch new joint research with external engineers



Tables and chairs are laid out in a circular space in such a fashion that facilitates communication. The room is also equipped with a large screen for events.

[Photo]Meeting space

Meeting space

Many meeting spaces are set up along the cloister facing the courtyard to encourage a free exchange of ideas with other researchers at any time.

[Photo]Touch Zone

Touch Zone

The essential aspects of a technology can be concretely presented in this display space where functions can be explained through visual and tactile demonstration. The photographs above depict tricolor fluids based on pigment technology and “Morpho butterflies” created using aluminum anodic oxidization technology.

3F Knowledge Café / Rooftop garden

[Photo]Knowledge Café

Knowledge Café

This is a space where researchers can make discoveries and gain insight through interaction and dialogue with those from different fields.

[Photo]Knowledge Café

Knowledge Café

Many ideas from the company's design center went into the selection and layout of furniture to support the integration of knowledge.

[Photo]Knowledge Café

Knowledge Café

An extensive selection of books and specialized magazines have been gathered here from Japan and overseas. Employee requests are also accepted.

[Photo]Knowledge Café

Knowledge Café

The space is designed to serve as the hub of the laboratories, where everyone can drop in daily. The relaxing atmosphere invites stimulating conversation.

[Photo]Rooftop garden

Rooftop garden

This rooftop garden affords a panoramic view of Ashigara, including the Takematsu site of Fuji Xerox and the Fujifilm Miyanodai Technology Development Center.

4F / 5F / 6F Experiment areas by function

[Photo]Experiment areas by function

Experiment areas by function

Individual experiment areas arranged by technical field facilitate interaction between engineers beyond organizational boundaries.

[Photo]Experiment areas by function

Experiment areas by function

Laboratories are optimally laid out on each floor on the basis of technology rather than organizational unit to allow for flexible response to any future research theme that may emerge.

[Photo]Information sharing space

Information sharing space

Many tables and chairs are placed along the 5th-floor cloister that overlooks the courtyard.



The courtyard can be viewed from the cloister.

[Photo]Meeting space

Meeting space

Whiteboards are mounted into all the tables. Chairs of assorted colors attract people to sit down and explore together research ideas free from conceptual constraints.

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