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Collaboration among laboratories


Collaboration among laboratories

​The R&D structure at the FUJIFILM Advanced Research Laboratories consists of three corporate laboratories and three divisional laboratory. In addition, fundamental technology research centers, such as the Analysis Technology Center, support the six laboratories and there are multiple project teams.
​​The ​three corporate laboratories are the Frontier Core-Technology Laboratories, which conducts long-term research into advanced technologies for further growth; the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratories, which engages in R&D of highly functional materials in various fields; and the Advanced Marking Research Laboratories, which conducts R&D into inkjet and other new marking technologies. ​​The Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Research Laboratories is a divisional laboratory, where a diverse array of technologies used in pharmacology, biochemistry, organic synthesis, analysis, and NANO FOCUS(*1) along with researchers in such fields, who were formerly located separately, are brought together to better search for original drug candidates and develop core technologies and products related to medical and healthcare areas.
Designed and organized under the open laboratory concept, the FUJIFILM Advanced Research Laboratories actively promotes collaboration among the laboratories as well as with all Group companies, such as Fuji Xerox and Toyama Chemical, and with external research institutes and universities.​

(*1) FTD technology: Fujifilm's proprietary technology nurtured in the development of photographic film and other products. It involves formulating desired chemicals and delivering them to targeted sites in appropriate levels and at appropriate times by means of emulsification, dispersion, nanoparticles, nanocapsule formation and porous & multilayer thin films, etc.

Collaborations involving FUJIFILM Advanced Research Laboratories and other laboratories

[Image]Collaborations involving FUJIFILM Advanced Research Laboratories and other laboratories

Frontier Core-Technology Laboratories
Highly Functional Materials Research Laboratories

Building core technologies for the future centered on photonics, nano-technology, functional materials.

Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratories

Conducting research and development of highly functional organic materials in the organic electronics fields, environmental & energy materials and advanced marking materials.

Advanced Marking Research Laboratories

Conducting research and development of materials, devices and systems for new marking technologies such as inkjet printing.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Research Laboratories
Regenerative Medicine Research Laboratories

Building drug discovery technologies as our new core technologies by incorporating other core technologies such as organic synthesis, advanced analysis, imaging and nano-technologies.
The laboratories serve as a research unit to identify drug candidates in oncology and regenerative medicine.
Also carried out are product development for protein and gene analysis and diagnostic systems, nano- level emulsification and diffusion technologies,regenerative medicine technology, healthcare and other core technologies related to the well- being of people.

Feasibility Team and Project Team

Ideas and technologies generated in the Frontier Core-Technology Laboratories, the Synthetic Organic Chemistry Laboratories and Advanced Marking Research Laboratories are repeatedly reviewed and further explored by the Feasibility Team, which assesses the potential of specific technologies, and the Project Team, which develops element technologies. These ideas and technologies then advance to the research and development stage in the Divisional Laboratories to be nurtured into new products.
Throughout this entire process, selected researchers from across the Fujifilm Group collaborate to maximize the results of these activities. This “Intellectual Fusion and Innovation” produces the seeds of new businesses and products.

Flow to product commercialization

[Image]Flow to product commercialization

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