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Deployment to Business Fields


Advancing technology and converting discoveries into products

Fujifilm's core technologies, generated through manufacture of silver halide and non-silver halide photosensitive materials, support our product development. A variety of businesses, which provide unique values, have been derived from these technologies.

For instance, the nano-dispersion technology, originally developed for uniform dispersion of silver halides and functional organic compounds, has generated nutritional supplements and cosmetics, which require the emulsification and dispersion technology as a key factor. This technology has also been utilized in development of pharmaceutical products.

The film formation technology, derived from the manufacture of photographic film base material, has been used for production of flat panel display materials having a TAC or PET film base and photovoltaic battery materials. The high-precision coating technology for multilayer-coating at a micrometer scale has generated a variety of highly functional films such as WV (wide-view) film to broaden LCD viewing angles, barrier film which is expected to be used as a sealing material for organic electroluminescence (EL) displays, and EXCLEAR, a transparent conductive film using our unique silver patterning technology.

[Image]Advancing technology and converting discoveries into products

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