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CSR activities presented for the 2017 fiscal year.


Our CSR Activity Report features the Fujifilm Group's leading activities in FY2017 concerning its Medium-Term CSR Plan and issues involving CSR.

Action to curb global warming is being executed from all perspectives to achieve the long-term goal of “reducing CO2 emissions for the entire life cycle by 30% by FY2020.”(2017)

Fujifilm is not only working on the reduction of environmental burdens in the manufacturing processes of its products, but also conducting environmental impact analysis and evaluation across the total product life cycle, for the protection of the global environment.(2017)

To protect our pool of finite resources and prevent depletion, we are engaged in a variety of programs, including water conservation and water recycling, waste recycling into resources, and reuse.(2017)

In the drive to avert or minimize the burdens on biodiversity, activities are being implemented on its conservation and sustainable use into the future.(2017)

We strictly manage our usage of chemical substances in view of the entire product life cycle, paying close attention to environmental impact and the safety of customers and employees.(2017)

Recognizing that respect for basic human rights is our natural, fundamental responsibility, we state this concept clearly in Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct.(2017)

Various training and exchange programs are underway with themes of “Improving Mindset and Organizational Culture” and “Development of Management Human Resources and Global Human Resources.”(2017)

Founded on the conviction that occupational safety is the fountainhead of business activity, we are working to ensure employee protection by placing top priority on safety, and implementing exhaustive compliance with laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety.(2017)

Fujifilm Group pursues CSR procurement in partnership with suppliers.(2017)

We define “compliance” as “companies and individuals doing the right things in light of universally accepted principles and ethics.”(2017)

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