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Biodiversity Conservation


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2014.

Basic Approach

[Photo]Forest Experience Program in Kikigaki Koshien

Forest Experience Program in Kikigaki Koshien

The Fujifilm Group has engaged in a wide range of environmental protection activities for the conservation and protection of biodiversity, based upon its philosophy of “environmental consciousness and environmental protection are at the core of our corporate activities.” In June 2009, we clarified our guideline for cross-group efforts to biodiversity conservation and introduced the “Fujifilm Group Basic Concepts and Action Guidelines for the Biodiversity Conservation” (hereafter, “Guidelines for Biodiversity”). Activities both inside and outside the company are being advanced to preserve the ecosystem services that benefit mankind for the future.


Outline of Activities in FY2013

Since its establishment the Fujifilm Group has conducted environmentally conscious business activities, as we have needed lots of clean air and fresh water for the production of photographic film, and this tradition has been passed down to all employees as the Fujifilm DNA. In an internal questionnaire conducted in 2005, we reconfirmed our level of awareness about biodiversity. Then, in 2008, we clarified the gaps between our awareness and that of others in the dialogue with experts and shared issues relating to biodiversity between the executives and managers, and in 2009, the Fujifilm Group formulated its Guidelines for Biodiversity.

Under the Guidelines, since 2010, Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox have each been involved in various viewpoints of biodiversity conservation related to their businesses. More concretely, Fujifilm included biodiversity conservation in its Rule for Design for Environment (DfE), while Fuji Xerox began surveys on land use for the purpose of biodiversity conservation at production and product development sites, etc. In 2012, our activities were reviewed and systemized overall, including those being conducted continuously. Not only by minimizing the impact on biodiversity and securing sustainable resources, but by contributing to the maintenance and recovery of biodiversity as the company’s social responsibility, we organized our approach based on the four key elements of “factories,” “products,” “social contribution” and “communication.” From among all the activities conducted for each key element, we incorporated those which we should continue to be aware of as priority issues. We intend to promote measures for the conservation of biodiversity combining business with environmental protection through conducting activities.

In FY2013, for the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing (ABS), Fujifilm has begun a correspondence study, such as confirmation of raw materials that may be involved, etc. We will promote the construction of reliable measures for the Protocol’s entry into force in the future, taking into account also domestic procedures in Japan.

In addition, at Fuji Xerox, where paper is an essential commodity, the Paper Procurement Committee was held again as it was last year, and reconfirmed the provision system for paper that customers can use with peace of mind. Fuji Xerox formulated the Environmental, Health and Safety requirements regarding paper procurement for suppliers of paper in 2004, and in 2012, Fuji Xerox took a step further to add trading criteria in business activities of our suppliers from CSR perspective, which requires biodiversity conservation and the respect of the rights of the local residents. Fuji Xerox has strengthened the management for paper procurement to our suppliers.

History of Biodiversity Conservation Measures

Activities on Biodiversity Conservation -Outline-

Main activities for biodiversity conservation

  • Activities to conserve the water source at each factory
  • Co-sponsoring training courses for Nature Conservation Educators
    Since FY2001, Fuji Xerox has been holding training courses jointly with the Nature Conservation Society of Japan, which have been attended by more than 300 employees in total.
  • Support to the Monitoring Site 1000
    We have been providing high sensitivity negative film for sensor cameras used in surveying mammals since 2007.
  • Rice Paddy Assistance Team
    Regional collaboration activities to preserve groundwater in Minami-Aso village. FUJIFILM Kyusyu has been participating in these activities since FY2010.
  • Support to projects by NPOs and NGOs involved in education on biodiversity conservation for the next generation
    Kikigaki Koshien, Watashi-no Shizenkansaturo Competition, Kankyo Nikki, Midorino komichi etc.
  • Support to the Biodiversity Action Award Japan
    We have been providing digital camera as “Fujifilm Award” through CEPA Japan.

OPINION(Third-Party Opinion)

Medium to Long-Term KPI and Verification for All Initiatives


Representative, International Institute for Human, Organization and the Earth (IIHOE)
Hideto Kawakita

Joined Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. in 1987. Worked in positions responsible for international recruitment, advertising, and sales support, etc., before resigning in 1991. Later, he worked as the Japanese director of the International Youth Exchange NGO and as policy staff for a member of parliament, etc., before establishing IIHOE in 1994, to support the promotion of CSR and environmental and social communication, the building of foundations for collaboration between NPOs and the government, and the management of NPOs and sociallyresponsibility oriented companies.

Since establishing the policy that positions the minimization of impact due to your business activities and the maintenance and restoration of biodiversity as your company’s social responsibility in 2009, it can be said that the Fujifilm Group’s initiatives for the conservation of biodiversity, such as paying due consideration and managing paper procurement and confirming product design and land use, have been put into practice, ahead of those of other companies.

For the purpose of realizing sustainable growth both for your company and for society, I would like to expect the following four points. First, similar to leading companies in Europe and America, I would like to see you set medium to long-term key performance indicators (KPI) for all initiatives relating to CSR, not just biodiversity conservation, and verify their progress. Secondly, I would like to see initiatives undertaken in China and other countries outside Japan, which is currently engaged in further business expansion. Thirdly, I would like to see further use of the capabilities and potential of staffs in your Group, such as nature guides. Fourthly, I would like to see to face with strategy how to achieve the biodiversity conservation by social contribution activities positioned as investment rather than allocation for the medium to long-term further in 2020 or 2050, etc.

Response to the third-party opinion

We thank for your evaluation of our practical activities for the biodiversity conservation. We also received with interest your comment on realizing sustainable growth in the future for both our company and society. We realized that clarifying “What sort of society we want to create,” with an awareness about biodiversity conservation, is the top priority in implementing this. Therefore, we will begin by first studying our initiatives, to sketch out an image of the society with biodiversity conservation we are aiming to achieve.

(CSR Group, Corporate Planning Division, FUJIFILM Holdings)

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2014.

Related Information

A Code of Conduct has been established to instill environmental awareness in each and every employee.

Enhancing the quality of life and the sustainable development of society.

The entire Fujifilm Group is striving for environmental quality in products, services and corporate activities.

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