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Activities in the Document Solutions Business


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2010.

Creating More Value for Customers under the concept “Come and Encounter for Innovation E/span>

Fuji Xerox R&D Square, which opened in April 2010, is designed to conduct a new R&D style or "urban R&D," where specific R&D themes are tackled and new inspirations are bursting forth.

Searching for a new means of communication via documents

[Photo]Tadahito Yamamoto President and Representative Director Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Tadahito Yamamoto
President and
Representative Director
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Fuji Xerox has been renovating its means of communicating information and contributing to the dramatic progress of communication since it released the first Xerography-based plain paper copier in 1962. Even now, communication by documents plays an important and indispensable role in corporate activities.

Thus Fuji Xerox believes that it can help customers find solutions to their increasingly difficult management problems by providing them with new value in communication and with documentation services.

Fuji Xerox R&D Square is a progressive and innovative place where a range of knowledge and technologies is concentrated. Here, Fuji Xerox can tackle challenges, develop solutions, and create new value through a customer-oriented viewpoint.

Concept of new R&D from the customers' viewpoint

As customers expand their business operations on a global scale, they face more complex management challenges with limited time to solve those challenges.

To help them overcome these difficulties, we opened an urban R&D base where people, information, and things are exchanged dynamically, under the key concept of "Come and Encounter for Innovation."

Listening to our customers' specific management challenges, Fuji Xerox conducts R&D at the base in partnership with research institutions and other companies, thereby fostering new, even more practical R&D.

[Photo]Concept of Fuji Xerox R&D Square

At Fuji Xerox R&D Square, Fuji Xerox conducts R&D in partnership with universities, research institutions, and other companies to help customers solve a range of issues and provide them with new value.

R&D Square as a base to create new value

Fuji Xerox concentrated its R&D bases in the following two sites: the R&D Square (for value creation) and the Ebina Center (for manufacturing).

The R&D Square, which is designed for value creation, is located in the Minato Mirai 21 district of Yokohama, near the center of Tokyo. There are a number of universities in its vicinity, and is also near Haneda Airport, one of Japan's gateways to Asia. With a long history as an international port, the city is expected to achieve further growth in a dynamic manner. We will energetically foster R&D in this location in open partnership with other companies, universities, and research institutions.


Realigning and integrating development and production functions into new companies

In order to respond more speedily and efficiently to the rapidly changing business environment and also to enhance its corporate structure, on January 29, Fuji Xerox restructured and integrated its dispersed development and production functions into two new companies: Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology and Fuji Xerox Manufacturing and the new companies started operations on April 1.

By establishing these subsidiaries, Fuji Xerox accelerates its growth in new business fields such as the service and solution businesses, and transform its management structure into one that is more cost-competitive.

Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology integrated the development functions of Fuji Xerox Engineering which is engaged in the development of copiers and printers on commission and part of the development functions of Fuji Xerox, and the hardware and software development functions of Niigata Fuji Xerox Manufacturing, Suzuka Fuji Xerox, and Fuji Xerox Information System. Accordingly, the development department of Fuji Xerox is now concentrating on the development of products as well as of its platform, marking and other new technologies, while Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology is developing technologies for image reading and paper feeding while engaging in the development of modules such as peripheral devices. It also fosters customized developments to meet customers' needs in a prompt manner.

Fuji Xerox Manufacturing integrated the production functions of Fuji Xerox Takematsu Center which manufactures pulverized toners and photoreceptors, Fuji Xerox Imaging Materials which produces EA toners, Suzuka Fuji Xerox which manufactures electronic parts and key parts for optical devices, and Niigata Fuji Xerox Manufacturing which manufactures printers.

[Photo]Realignment and integration of R&D and production functions

Realignment and integration of R&D and production functions


Recycling site in China certified by the Chinese government as a model remanufacturing enterprise for electric products

[figure]External view of Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

External view of Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a recycling site wholly owned by Fuji Xerox, was certified as a model remanufacturing enterprise for electric products by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As part of its environmental policies, the Chinese government launched this certification program to promote the development of the remanufacturing industry and to build a society dedicated to energy conservation and environmental protection. In the program, the government certifies industry-leading companies as model remanufacturing enterprises, aiming to foster the development of environment-friendly companies. Out of 35 companies certified this time, including three IT equipment companies, Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) is the only Japanese-based company.

Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) completely disassembles, sorts, and recycles used products including copiers, multifunction devices, and cartridges recovered by Fuji Xerox (China) from all over China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). This recycling company started operation in January 2008. It has the capacity to disassemble and recycle 15,000 devices and 500,000 cartridges per year, and had achieved a device recycling rate of more than 98% as of March 2010.

As a responsible manufacturer, Fuji Xerox aims to achieve zero landfill, no pollution, and no illegal disposal, and the certification by the Chinese government demonstrates that the company's efforts are understood and valued in China. Prior to the establishment of the recycling system in China, Fuji Xerox built a recycling system for zero landfill, no pollution, and no illegal disposal in Japan in 1995 and in the Asia-Pacific region in 2004. The recycling site in China also received the Monozukuri, Special Environment Award at the 19th (2009) Nikkei Global Environment Technology Awards sponsored by Nikkei Inc.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2010.

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