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Products and Services which Reflect Our Customers' Views



Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2018.

Basic Approach

As we declare in our corporate philosophy, the Fujifilm Group aims to provide the best quality products and services which are safe, appealing to customers and provide them with peace of mind, by basing our management on “Customer Satisfaction (CS).” In order to achieve customer satisfaction, it is important to obtain the views of a wide range of customers and to have a mechanism in place for effectively reflecting these in our products and services. For this purpose, we pay special attention to communicating with our customers at customer centers which are our point of contact with them. We aim to correctly grasp their views, as well as seek to respond in a speedy, kind, accurate and fair manner, and we are constructing a system to link these views to improvements in product development and our work processes.

Outline of Activities in FY2017

Committing to provide customer solutions through our imaging, healthcare & materials, and document businesses, the Fujifilm Group engages in close communications with our wide-ranging customers, which include general consumers, corporations, and hospitals, to respond to their voices in a way that takes into account the characteristics of businesses and products.

Among our general consumer products are imaging products and healthcare products. Imaging products are experiencing rapid changes in their diversifying usage and maintenance methods as smartphones and mirrorless digital cameras spread. We received some 23,000 comments through our FY2017 customer satisfaction questionnaire survey, which targeted new customers registering with us after purchasing our products, as well as comments through the support desk as queries regarding various products. We carefully analyze such comments to gain a better understanding of our customers' needs. Another of our general consumer products is our healthcare product range, which includes supplements and cosmetics. The Customer Satisfaction Improvement Committee is working on product and service improvements based on our customers' voices. One such improvement was the development of a packet-type supplement in addition to a bottle, responding to requests stating that they would like to receive the supplement delivery through their letterboxes so that they can receive it any time of the day, rather than a courier service. After commencing such delivery of supplements into customers' letterboxes, we also received comments that the packet-type supplements were more convenient for customers to carry with them, such as on trips.

We continue improving communications for our general consumer products to respond quickly to customers' requests by fully utilizing the Internet, such as increasing the number of FAQ pages where customers can resolve problems by themselves.

For corporate customers, employees from the R&D, production, and technical departments of the respective business divisions visit customers together with maintenance staff members to better understand our customers’ business challenges through direct communication. This should enhance the “customer viewpoint” in our employees across customer business processes.

We also continue our regular requests for customer evaluations as a part of our Customer Satisfaction (CS) program. In the document business, we conducted 62,000 surveys through our User CS program in FY2017, and the follow-ups and improvements based on the survey results are now being made toward further strengthening our relationships with customers.

In our document business, Fuji Xerox has ranked No.1 in the Large/Midsize Business Segment under the 2018 Color Copier Customer Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power for nine years in a row, that was for the first time in the industry.(*) Uniting the whole company’s efforts, we continue responding to our customers’ expectations and requests through further CS improvement and compliance to maintain a long-term mutual trust.

* J.D. Power 2010-2018 Japan Color Copier Customer Satisfaction Studies. Study based on a total of 6,868 companies with 30 and more employees. (in Japanese only)

[Image]Improvements based on our customers' voices


Mechanisms for Communicating with Customers

CS Program (Improvement activities based on the CS surveys)

Customer Satisfaction by Business Solutions

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire Survey Results (based on telephone & written questionnaires)


FUJIFILM Imaging Plaza Where Visitors Can Experience Our Imaging Products

In April 2018, Fujifilm opened a brand showroom, FUJIFILM Imaging Plaza, in Marunouchi, Tokyo, in front of the Imperial Palace, to enable visitors to directly experience our imaging products. The showroom has a “Touch & Try” corner, where people can experience the latest mirrorless digital cameras and interchangeable lenses, and also the FUJIFILM Imaging Plaza Gallery, which exhibits works of distinguished photographers. The showroom also offers a range of events and services, including a variety of seminars to make digital camera life more enjoyable, a rental camera and lens service, a display of different types of prints, including Photo Book, to demonstrate different ways of enjoying photographs. We provide various opportunities for visitors to experience our X series and GFX series cameras, as well as examples of high quality printing.

A membership support service, the FUJIFILM Professional Service (FPS), is also available at the showroom for professional photographers who use X and GFX series cameras. We offer the members the services which can meet their wide-ranging needs such as an onsite maintenance service for cameras and other equipment on the spot for the first time, and a studio where the members can experience various kinds of lighting and tethered shooting.(*)

Fujifilm continues to contribute to the further development of photographic culture by widely promoting interest in our imaging products and enhancing customer satisfaction through direct communications with a broad scope of customers—from those just beginning to professionals.

* Tethered shooting: A photographing technique to take pictures using a PC connected to a camera.



FUJIFILM Imaging Plaza opening event held on April 28 and a view of the site

Working Together With Customers on Transforming Communications Utilizing Printing Technologies

In May 2018, Fuji Xerox opened a hub for open innovation “Future Edge” in the Ebina Center, Kanagawa Prefecture. Here, the company will work together with customers on transforming communications utilizing printing technologies. The hub not only functions as a showroom to display the company's printing devices and related software, but also provides a place to transform the future of the communication business with cutting-edge technology.

People's preferences and senses of value have become diversified by changes in the social environment and globalization. This is also true with regard to means of communications—where more diversity is also being sought. Against this backdrop, in order to exert the practicalities of digital printing, a systematic approach is required, which enhances its agility and flexibility, while adapting to the increasing quality demands for multi-item, small-lot production. Future Edge will engage in communication business transformation in the entire print value chain, from upstream processes in which communication contents are produced via production processes, to downstream processes in which contents are delivered on time to the right place in the right form. Future Edge will also devote to demonstrate enhancing productivity of print operations and the fruits of work style reforms.

By locating inside the Ebina Center, a base for Fuji Xerox's technology development, the facility allows not only sales personnel and systems engineers, but also development engineers and manufacturing personnel to work directly with customers to address challenges and verifications. The facility will also further accelerate collaboration with partners and innovators both in Japan and abroad, to continue introducing cuttingedge systems and expertise. We will stay close to our customers for the future reformation of the entire printing value chain.



With approximately 7,000 square meters of space, this facility has the entire lineup of Fuji Xerox production printers, related software/ services, as well as FUJIFILM Corporation's inkjet digital press and print workflow system


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2018.

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