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Development and Dissemination of Environmentally Conscious Products and Services


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2014.

Basic Approach


Reduced CO2 emissions by approx. 270kg by printing instructions inside of the box for the “ASTALIFT”series.

In the Fujifilm Group, we carry out development of environmentally conscious products based on “Rule for Design for Environment (DfE)”, in the design stage, we set targets from the perspective of safety & compliance, the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), chemical substances contained, energy saving, conservation of biodiversity, etc., considering the entire product life cycle from procurement through manufacturing, transportation, use by customer, to disposal and we review the degree of achievement of these targets after development.
Our approach is not limited to materials or equipment, but extends to software and solution by our products and services too, and we make efforts to contribute to reducing the environmental burden across the whole of society. Furthermore, we conduct quantitative and objective assessment of environmental impact based on LCA*1, and we are utilizing environmental labels to actively disseminate information related to the environment.

*1 LCA: Life Cycle Assessment

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2014.

Related Information

A Code of Conduct has been established to instill environmental awareness in each and every employee.

Enhancing the quality of life and the sustainable development of society.

The entire Fujifilm Group is striving for environmental quality in products, services and corporate activities.

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