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Occupational Health and Safety


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2014.

Basic Approach


“Labor Accident Prevention Week” in Manaus Factory, Brazil

Founded on the conviction that occupational safety is the cornerstone of business activity, and employee protection and ensuring safety is one of our core values, Fujifilm will implement exhaustive compliance with laws and regulations related to occupational health and safety.

Fujifilm Group Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Fujifilm Group operates its businesses based on the following policy elements, considering that the securing of employees’ occupational health and safety is the most important and basic element in its corporate activities.

  1. We will consider the employees’ occupational health and safety as a core value.
  2. We will proactively support the maintenance and promotion of employees’ health.
  3. We will realize the highest standard for employees’ occupational health and safety in response to the demands of society.
  4. We will establish smooth communications among all Fujifilm-related companies and their employees regarding occupational health and safety.
  5. We will actively provide employee education and training on occupational health and safety.


Outline of Activities in FY2013


[Photo]“Labor Accident Prevention Week” held February 17-21, 2014 in Manaus Factory, Brazil

[Photo]“Labor Accident Prevention Week” held February 17-21, 2014 in Manaus Factory, Brazil

“Labor Accident Prevention Week” held February 17-21, 2014 in Manaus Factory, Brazil

Fujifilm is conducting measures to create workplaces where our employees can work in good health and with peace of mind, based on the safety policy at each facility. We do this through raising awareness among employees, activities to prevent fires and accidents, safety inspections at all level from the design, installation and operation of equipment, and checks and improvement of workplaces including by external experts, and safety patrols by the company and labor unions.

In FY2013, we shared information and knowledge on worker’s accident and near-miss cases, as well as measures to avoid their recurrence, which we have been conducting to include Fujifilm’s affiliate companies since last fiscal year. We also promoted further prevention of the occurrence of similar incidents. In addition to this, by conducting mutual safety tours of inspection between factories, we are seeking to raise the standard of safety activities.

We are also actively conducting occupational health and safety initiatives outside Japan. For example, at the FUJIFILM do Brasil Ltda.’s Manaus Factory, Brazil, we hold an annual “Labor Accident Prevention Week” to reinforce employee training. Although this is a government regulatory requirement to address accident prevention in the workplace, Fujifilm in Brazil takes it much further by addressing quality of life issues for employees and conducting health screenings.

During the first part of the week-long program, we held presentations on labor safety, ergonomics, and healthy workplaces, followed by medical examinations by occupational medicine doctors, dentists and psychologists. A questionnaire to identify each employee’s health condition, lifestyle and level of stress was held, as well as check-ups conducted for blood pressure, glycaemia and dental health. Special emphasis was placed on early diagnosis and treatment of chronic conditions and lifestyle issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stressful lifestyle, sedentary, obesity, and smoking.

Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox and its affiliate and sales companies are conducting activities with a target of realizing safe and pleasant workplaces and employees who are healthy in both body and mind. In FY2013, one production base attained OHSAS 18001 (occupation health and safety management system) accreditation, and we are striving to manage and improve employee occupational health and safety.

Regarding the prevention of workplace accidents, each factory investigates the causes of an accident through the activities of the occupational health and safety committee, examines measures for the prevention of its recurrence and continuously raises employee awareness, and as a result of this the work accident rate has reached 0.11 (a reduction of 0.2 points on the previous year), and the severity rate is 0.00 (the same as in the previous year). In addition, we also consider the health of our employees to be a significant management issue, and since FY2013, Fuji Xerox has been conducting joint health and safety and health promotion activities in all of its eight sites, which prioritize responses to the five items of lifestyle-related diseases, smoking, mental health problems, risk due to overwork, and workplace accidents. From FY2014, we have also added early detection of cancer as a new priority item and are conducting information provision to employees.

Focus on Activities

Promoting wellness across the Fujifilm Group

[Photo]Poster for Thank you for Not Smoking Campaign

Poster for Thank you for Not Smoking

We are committed to remaining a leading company by boldly taking up the challenge of developing new products and creating new values in the vision of the Fujifilm Group. We believe that it is important to provide employees with a dynamic corporate culture and workplaces where they can feel highly motivated. In the face of the decrease in labor productivity and the increase in medical expenses, we launched a wellness promotion council comprising members from the Human Resources Divisions of each Group company*1, industrial doctors and Fujifilm Group health insurance society in July 2013. We then started activities focusing on four priorities: lifestyle-related diseases, smoking, mental health problems, and risk due to overwork.

In encouraging people not to smoke, we are introducing measures to achieve the target set by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare by 2018, which is to reduce the percentage of smokers to 12.2% by 2022. Since October 2013, employees across the Group wanting to stop smoking have been given subsidies for medical treatment. For the other three priorities we have set the KPIs at each Group company and are accelerating the introduction of measures by intercompany cooperation. We launched an employee health and medical data integration project in January 2014 and added anti-cancer measures as a new fifth priority.

*1 Fujifilm Holdings, Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2014.

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