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Promoting CSR Among Our Suppliers


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2014.

Basic Approach


Fuji Xerox’s CSR Management
Guidelines for Suppliers
and CSR Self-Check List

At the Fujifilm Group we not only conduct business activities with an awareness emphasizing the importance of corporate ethics and social responsibility within our own company, but we also obtain the understanding of our suppliers. With the goal of conducting such activities in coordination with them, we are enhancing partnerships with our suppliers that put in practice the principles of fair and impartial trade. In FY2009, we formulated the Fujifilm Group Procurement Policy, which shows our approach regarding procurement that takes into consideration the concerns of CSR, and we are continuing to make efforts to improve our CSR activities in coordination with our suppliers.


Outline of Activities in FY2013


Since 2000 we have been making efforts for green procurement, which takes the environment into consideration. We later launched our examination for CSR procurement and on the occasion of the formulation of the Fujifilm Group Procurement Policy in 2009, we expanded the CSR self-check by adding society items which matched the Procurement Policy regarding corporate ethics, human rights and labor, etc. with the Corporate Greenness Survey up to that time, and we took the lead by beginning a trial survey of this at 70 of our major suppliers’ companies. As a result of using the CSR self-check which our suppliers conduct themselves, as well as ensuring that they understand our company’s approach to CSR by assessing and providing feedback on their self-check, they are conducting measures to maintain and improve their CSR activities.

In FY2013, we introduced a new web-based survey system to improve efficiency of CSR self-check in Fujifilm’s procurement division and our suppliers. And, we have enhanced the questionnaires from the view point of CSR core subjects, such as human rights, occupational health and safety, the environment, fair trading and ethics, quality and product safety, information security and social contribution. In FY2014, we are going to expand the scope of CSR selfcheck to all business fields and to cover both domestic and international suppliers.

Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox is making efforts to conduct ethical procurement that takes into consideration the suppliers as well as the environment, human rights, the working environment, etc., not only for production materials, but also for logistics and paper. In implementing ethical procurement, we are conducting measures in collaboration with our suppliers such as holding briefings, conducting self-checks, formulating plans to improve activities based on analysis results and offering support in activities to make improvements.

In the field of production materials, from FY2009 until last fiscal year, our suppliers stably achieved the matching rate of 90% or more in the highest priority items in the self-check list. But in FY2013, in addition to the new manufacturing site in Hai Phong, Vietnam, the matching rate of new suppliers in ASEAN regions remains low, and we think it takes a few years to improve. In China, persons responsible for procurement, who have undertaken basic training in ethical procurement, continuously conducted visiting education programs. By this program, not only our business partners but also persons responsible for procurement can recognize the importance of ethical procurement, and promote their activities combining with the QCD optimization.

Continuing on from last fiscal year, in the field of logistics, all logistics companies (81 companies) for ethical procurement within Japan achieved targets of matching rate of 90% or more in the highest priority items. Outside Japan, our CSR promotion activities have been fully launched relating to associate logistics companies from the Asian Pacific region hub warehouse. Issues were extracted from the self-check results, and 64% of the associate companies improved and achieved matching rate of 90% or more for the highest priority items.

Conflict minerals

Fujifilm has declared that no intention to use the minerals mined or refined by illegal practices and no intention to take part in directly or indirectly financing or benefiting illegal groups. In FY2013, each division of Fujifilm responded to customer inquiries in accordance with the internal guideline, using the EICC/GeSI template which is a common format for the electrical, electronic, and automotive industries. We continue to disseminate the template throughout the entire supply chain.

In addition, in FY2012, at Fuji Xerox, in cooperation with our supply chain, we prepared to launch a mineral history survey, and in December 2013, we reported the survey results to suppliers of OEM products. In FY2014, we will endeavor further improve data accuracy.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2014.

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