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Stakeholder Communication 2015


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2016.

Dialogue on activities in human rights due diligence


Held a dialogue with international CSR experts from the U.S., Germany, Denmark, etc.

Fujifilm participated in the Business and Human Rights Conference in Tokyo hosted by the Caux Round Table Japan (co-hosted by the Institute for Human Rights and Business, etc.) in September 2015, and held an individual dialogue with foreign experts promoting human rights activities regarding our Group’s CSR policy and its activities aimed at due diligence in human rights, focusing chiefly on CSR procurement.

Our wide-ranging business activities and aggressive effort to resolve social issues drew great interest from the experts. We also won high praise also for our CSR Procurement Guidelines that lay out its requirements for suppliers. At the same time, the experts expressed the hope for appropriate assessment and management of suppliers’ status for our CSR procurement activities, including on-site audits, and greater action to make corrections in case of problems at suppliers. The suggestions received from the experts will be utilized to meet the expectations of society and to further expand our activities.

Family office tours for better communication between employees and their families

Fujifilm Omiya Office holds “Omiya Family Day” (office tours for employees’ family members and summer festival), an event hosted by the management and labor union aimed at fostering greater solidarity at the worksite. Held for the second time, there was greater employee interest in participating in 2015, drawing 170 people from 51 families to the workplace open house, and 617 participating in the summer festival.


One-day ID cards issued for children

The office tour featured a “Photo Adventure,” in which participants take pictures at designated locations while exploring the offices where employees work, and opportunities to touch and experience products being developed at Fujifilm. The summer festival held after the office tour offers games involving family members and contests between workplaces, fostering mutual communication. Such opportunities to promote greater understanding from family members toward the workplaces and work of the employees are expected to foster greater employee incentive and to create a foundation for mutual assistance and ease at work.




Children discover Fujifilm products, including a professional-use telescope, broadcast TV camera, and a virtual-studio for a VR experience of the moon’s surface, etc.

Dialogue on the environment with regional stakeholders for a direct exchange opinions

To participate as a member of the local community, Fujifilm Group discloses its environmental conservation activities and at the same time holds events in various parts of the country to listen to the opinions of local residents.


Environmental communication meetings have been held in the Kaisei area since 2012.

FUJIFILM Corporation, Fuji Xerox, FUJIFILM Techno Products and Fuji Xerox Manufacturing based in the Kaisei area of Kanagawa Prefecture jointly hold environmental communication meetings with local community associations each year. In FY2015, 28 citizens were participated and presented various opinions on the Group’s environmental conservation and regional communication activities. The four companies plan to continue working together for active communication with the local communities.


Fujinomiya Factory meeting highlighted the deregulation of electric power and the mechanism of in-house wheeling of electric power system.

At Fujifilm Fujinomiya Factory, environmental dialogue sessions are being held with the citizens of the surrounding community of the Factory. The FY2015 meeting, as the 11th annual meeting, was held in February 2016, attracting a total of 52 participants consisting of local residents including junior high school students, as well as administrative officers representing Shizuoka Prefecture and Fujinomiya City. Lively exchange took place, including questions and answers on the deregulation of the electric power business currently attracting public attention in Japan. Fujinomiya Factory will continue promotion of deeper exchange with local governments and companies and fostered a greater communication focusing on the environmental conservation with the local communities.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2016.

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