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Sustainability Report 2009


Top Commitment

  • Top Commitment
  • Editorial Policy


Feature: Enhancing Quality of Life

  • Activities in the Optical Device Business
  • Activities in the Life Science Business
  • Activities in the Document Solutions Business


CSR Highlights 2008

  • Human resources development in the Fujifilm Group
  • Stakeholder Dialogue 2009
  • Responses to the climate change problem
  • Developing a CSR-oriented procurement framework
  • Conserving biodiversity
  • Social contribution activities:
    Archiving Shogozo scrolls in the Office of the Shosoin Treasure House
  • Social contribution: volunteer planting in China
  • CSR activities in the United States


Data and Information

  • Self-Evaluation of the Fujifilm Group CSR Activities
  • Communication with Stakeholders/
    Labor Environment and Social Benefit Accounting
  • Personnel and Labor (Fujifilm)
  • Personnel and Labor (Fuji Xerox)
  • Communication with Customers
  • Fujifilm Group Green Policy
  • Environmental Burdens of the Fujifilm Group
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Environmental Accounting
  • Third-Party Review Target Sites
  • Internal and External Communication
  • Domestic and International Appraisals


Supplemental References

  • Independence Assurance Statement
  • Fujifilm Group Business Overview
  • Fujifilm Group Organization Overview


Editorial Policy

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation Sustainability Report 2009 comprises three parts: “Feature: Enhancing Quality of Life,” “CSR Highlight 2008,” and “Data and Information.”
We made this report more compact and easier to read and understand than the previous voluminous report that covered a wide range of information. In this improved report, we provide information and data that are of particular importance to the Fujifilm Group and stakeholders, including the maximum possible quantitative information to help stakeholders understand our CSR activities objectively and specifically.

The conceptual diagram on the right shows our editorial policy and the structure of information included in this report.

Period covered by the report

Fiscal year 2008 (April 1, 2008 — March 31, 2009) is covered in the performance data. With regards to the contents of activities, wherever possible, we have conveyed the most recent trends, including activities in fiscal 2009.

Organizations covered by the report

The Fujifilm Group (FUJIFILM Holdings, Fujifilm and its affiliates, Fuji Xerox and its affiliates)

  • Major consolidated companies are shown here.
  • Quantitative information about personnel and labor affairs represents non-consolidated data for Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox.
  • The scope of Labor Environment and Social Benefit Accounting is shown here. The scope of Environmental Accounting is shown here.

Referenced guidelines

  • Ministry of the Environment: Environmental Reporting Guidelines—Towards a Sustainable Society (Fiscal Year 2007 Version)
  • GRI: Sustainable Reporting Guidelines 2006
  • Ministry of the Environment: Environmental Accounting Guidelines (Fiscal Year 2005 Version)

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