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Sustainability Report 2017


[Photo]Sustainability Report 2017

Download of full text

  • * As the printed version is not available, please download the PDF version to let you view the report.

Top Commitment

  • Top Commitment
  • Report on inappropriate accounting at overseas subsidiaries of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
  • The Fujifilm Group's Technologies and Innovation
  • Fujifilm Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


FUJIFILM Sustainable Value Plan 2016

  • Basic Approach / Creating the Triple Promotion Policy
  • Activities Summary of the FUJIFILM Sustainable Value Plan 2016
  • The New CSR Plan of the Fujifilm Group Sustainable Value Plan (SVP) 2030
  • < Promotion Policy 1 > Contribute to solving social issues concerning the environment, people's health, daily life, and working style through our products and services.
  • [Health]
  • [Daily Life]
  • [Environment]
  • [Working Style]
  • < Promotion Policy 2 > Solve environmental issues within business processes actively.
  • [Priority Issue 1] Promote Global Warming Countermeasures
  • [Priority Issue 2] Promote Resource Recycling
  • [Priority Issue 3] Ensure Product and Chemical Safety
  • < Promotion Policy 2 > Topics
  • < Promotion Policy 3 > Enhance the CSR framework supporting the corporate activities across the value chain.
  • [Priority Issue 1] Raise Compliance Awareness and Ensure Risk Management
  • [Priority Issue 2] Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources
  • [Priority Issue 3] Enhance Value Chain Management from the Viewpoint of CSR
  • < Promotion Policy 3 > Topics


Other CSR Activities

  • Products and Services which Reflect Our Customers' Views
  • Social Contribution Activities



  • Corporate Governance
  • CSR Management
  • < Communication with Stakeholders > Topics


Data and Information

  • Personnel and Labor (FUJIFILM Corporation)
  • Personnel and Labor (Fuji Xerox)
  • Compliance and Risk Management
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Domestic and International Appraisals
  • Sustainability Accounting (Labor Environment and Social Benefit Accounting, Environmental Accounting)


Supplemental References

  • Independent Assurance Report
  • Third-Party Opinion
  • Fujifilm Group Organization and Business Overview
  • Editorial Policy


Adobe® Reader® is required to see the PDF data.

Related Information

Enhancing the quality of life and the sustainable development of society.

The Fujifilm Group examines CSR issues from both corporate and stakeholders' viewpoints and moves forward with its CSR activities by setting priority CSR targets and implementing specific measures.

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