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Medium-Term CSR Plan (FY2010 to 2013): Activity Report 2013


Medium-Term CSR Plan (FY2010 to 2013)

Enhancement of the corporate foundation

Ensuring the soundness of corporate culture to support structural reforms

Priority Issue Medium-Term Target Main Achievement (Progress) in FY2013 Self-Evaluation
Improvement of the quality of compliance/risk management across the Group
  1. Make all employees aware of the Charter for Corporate Behavior and the Code of Conduct
  2. Improve for risk issues management system
  • Conducted information sessions on compliance targeting managers of FF and Group companies in Japan to raise compliance awareness of all employees (Held 50 sessions for a total of 3,000 managers)
  • Made preparations for the implementation of the anti-corruption program (in Southeast Asia, and some corporations in South America. Conducted continuously since FY2012)
  • Reviewed risk factors for the entire Group, including earthquakes and other natural disasters and reinforced the countermeasures.
  • Implemented group-wide information security regulations and guidelines

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Enhancement of communications with stakeholders
  1. Improve the Sustainability Report
  2. Make effective use of stakeholder dialogue
  • Active public relations activities for CSR activities (4 news releases, 13 lectures & presentations, and 1 article contribution)
  • Conducted materiality analysis with experts for Medium-Term CSR Plan
  • Released the Sustainability Report in Japanese, English, and Chinese (including the third parties' opinions and group policies)
  • Internal survey on CSR-oriented procurement through the self-check system
  • Conducted stakeholder dialogues (environmental meeting in China, environmental report meeting for local inhabitants, joint environmental dialogue meeting in the Kaisei district by Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox)
  • Improved products and services based on customers' comments (medical equipment, cosmetics, digital cameras, etc.)

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Examples of our efforts

[Photo]Conducted stakeholder dialogues in China and Kaisei District where the R&D and manufacturing base in Kanagawa

Conducted stakeholder dialogues in China and Kaisei District where the R&D and manufacturing base in Kanagawa

[Photo]Conducted stakeholder dialogues in China and Kaisei District where the R&D and manufacturing base in Kanagawa
[Photo]Released the Sustainability Report in Japanese, English, and Chinese

Released the Sustainability Report in Japanese, English, and Chinese

Enhancement of the human resource infrastructure

Utilization and development of talent to increase the Group's comprehensive strength

Priority Issue Medium-Term Target Main Achievement (Progress) in FY2013 Self-Evaluation
Use and development of diversified talent
  1. Develop change leaders
  2. Develop key management talent
  3. Focus on the allocation and accelerate the development of global talent
  • Key management talent training
    • Conducted FUJIFILM Business School to train selected managers
    • Conducted continuously on Key Talent Training by gathering candidates for future management
    • Carried on a training course for overseas management, to identify, select, and promote qualified talent Started up Regional Leadership Seminar project
    • Started the scheme for developing and training change leaders based on the new HR system at Fuji Xerox and affiliated and sales companies inside and outside Japan
  • Implemented measures to strengthen global human resource development
    • Implemented English education courses and continued execution of various training programs for globalization among Japanese employees
    • Reinforced temporary overseas posting system, including language education
    • Carried on training sessions for overseas subsidiaries to disseminate the FUJIFILM WAY
    • Expanded scope of acceptance for internships (India & Singapore)
  • Promoted development of change leaders in sales, manufacturing, and other business fields
    • Carried on basic sales training and sales management training in business divisions and Group companies
    • Provided training per job classification and technical/skills trainings in the manufacturing departments and manufacturing-related Group companies
    • Introduced group-wide employee system and labor rules to promote HR exchanges within the Group

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Provision of ecofriendly products and services to help improve quality of life (QOL)

Differentiation through environmental protection

Priority Issue Medium-Term Target Main Achievement (Progress) in FY2013 Self-Evaluation
Promotion of antiglobal warming measures across the Group
  1. Fujifilm:
    Improve CO2 emissions per unit of production by 40% at six major factories in Japan relative to FY1990
  2. Fuji Xerox:
    Improve CO2 emissions per unit of actual output by 35% at five major factories in Japan relative to FY1990
  3. Encourage employees and their families to reduce their CO2 emissions

★Long-term target: Reduce the life cycle CO2 emissions by 30% worldwide by FY2020

  • Developed and promoted energy conservation and cost reduction targets on group-wide, including overseas subsidiaries, with the establishment of the new Energy Strategy Promotion Committee
    • Developed wheeling system of electric power by utilizing self-generation capability in compliance with the revised Electric Business Act
    • Group-wide deployment of energy-saving measures on production lines (continued) & reduction of fixed energy consumption with all equipment shutdown
  • Environmental awareness promotion activities focused on CO2 reduction. Approx. 20,000 Fujifilm & affiliated company employees and approx. 6,000 Fuji Xerox employees (in R&D divisions) participated
  • Formulated medium-term target (FY2016) for the long-term target: Reduce the life cycle CO2 emissions by 30% worldwide by FY2020

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Development and dissemination of environmentally conscious products and services
  1. Develop and offer products and services with higher environmental performance than that of present ones for the main products
  2. Continue design for environment (DfE) for all products
  • Visualized the reductions in CO2 emissions for products and services, and disclose environmental attributes actively. (Promoted calculation methods in medical products, started reporting environmental activities in life science field on the website)
  • Formulated water footprint calculation guidelines as internal procedures
  • Developed materials and products (hardware/software) with lower environmental impact

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Biodiversity conservation
  1. Add “biodiversity conservation” to product development criteria
  2. Steadily conduct local environmental protection activities
  3. Establish new procurement standards for paper suppliers
  • Steadily conducted assessment of biological resources procurement based on the rule for Design for Environment (including preparations for enactment of the Nagoya Protocol)
  • Continuously conducted local environmental protection activities
  • Established safety evaluation system for ecosystem

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Effective use of resources Enhance 3Rs, including reducing the use of resources, in line with CO2 emission reduction activities Target: Decrease the use of energy per unit of production quantity by 18% across the company (relative to 2009)
  • Actively reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs through efficient energy usage
  • Utilization of resources with promotion of the 3R movement (products & packaging materials): Promotion of cosmetic product container refills
  • Promotion of waste reduction project: Extension and promotion of group-wide optimization of waste treatment contracting to cover distribution warehouses and offices (improving quality level in recycling and conversion of wastes into valuables)
  • Continuously expanded the closed-loop recycle for CTP/PS plates (Recycle of used CTP/PS plates)
  • Promoted cooling water recycling and maintained the lower water emission per unit through water saving measures
  • Improved VOC emission per unit resulting from film manufacturing

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Improvement of chemical substance management
  1. Enhance the management of chemical substance safety across the supply chain
  2. Adopt a new risk assessment method for chemical substances
  3. Enhance global governance to ensure compliance with laws and regulations (not only in Japan, Untied States, and Europe but also in emerging economies, including China)
  • Support in the deployment of the new risk assessment system within the Group based on control banding
  • Expanded use of an infrastructure to manage information on chemical substances in products
  • Participated in cross industry activities to disseminate the framework internationally
  • Expanded exchanging regulatory information with offices in the United States, Europe, China, and sites in other countries

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Achievement of business results from the viewpoint of stakeholders

Social contribution to add more value to business

Priority Issue Medium-Term Target Main Achievement (Progress) in FY2013 Self-Evaluation
Promotion of social contribution activities linked with core business Continue activities based on the Social Contribution Policy
  • “PHOTO IS”—30,000 person Photo Exhibition
  • Pink Ribbon Campaign
  • Support for the publication of large-font textbooks
  • Held photo class for young people and supported for Kikigaki Koshien, Watashi-no Komichi Kankyo Nikki competition.
  • Volunteer tree planting activity in China (15th anniversary meeting in China, published DVD and book)
  • Participated Umi-no-Mori tree planting activity hosted by the secretariat of Kikigaki Koshien
  • Activities to Support Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake (Open Tono Miraizukuri College, Support by the new employees, Photo Rescue Project, Using knowledge of radioactivity to foster recovery)
  • Social contribution activities across the world

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