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Communication with Stakeholders


Companies conduct their activities while interacting and maintaining relations with a wide variety of stakeholders, and it is important to listen carefully to their various views and expectations. At the Fujifilm Group, we ensure that we make appropriate information disclosures as well as verifying, at various opportunities, whether or not our business activities are responding to the demands and expectations of all our stakeholders, and reflecting our findings in our business activities.

To ensure that our stakeholders' views are reflected in our CSR activities, we also review them in our Sustainability Report. In addition to opinions relating to our CSR activities as a whole, regarding priority issues such as the promotion of anti-global warming measures, the promoting body for each issue conducts briefings on the content of the activities and presents the respective report to external parties, to receive their advice and evaluation (*). Looking back over our activities and obtaining the views of external parties in this way provides a good opportunity to reexamine our activities. We plan to continue these efforts to make them better activities in the future.

* OPINION(Third-Party Opinion):

Fujifilm Group and stakeholders

[Chart]Fujifilm Group and stakeholders

The Fujifilm Group's Communications with Stakeholders

Main Stakeholders Main Issues and Areas of Responsibility Methods of Communication
Customers We have a diverse range of customers, from individuals, businesses, corporations to government offices, etc., since we have business deployed all over the world, and we offer such a wide lineup of products, ranging from digital cameras and cosmetics to office printers, medical systems, medicine, highly functional materials and equipment and materials for graphic arts.
  • Securing the safety and quality of products
  • Provision of appropriate information on services & products
  • Customer Center (liaison office for responding to inquiries)
  • Usability evaluation meetings and monitor surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Questionnaires at product purchase
  • Showrooms, exhibitions
  • Holding seminars
  • Websites and social media
Employees Employees working for the Fujifilm Group total approx. 80,000 people in 271 companies. They are active all over the world and their composition by country is Japan 49.0%, the U.S. 7.7%, Europe 5.7% and Asia 37.6% (as of end-March 2017).
  • Providing opportunities for dialogue with top management
  • Personnel management division liaison & interviews
  • Compliance & Sexual Harassment Helpline
  • Regular meetings between the company and labor unions / Health & Safety Committee
  • Intranet; in-house magazines
Shareholders & investors FUJIFILM Holdings has 123,313 shareholders, characterized by a high proportion of overseas and institutional investors. Japanese financial institutions account for 34.1% of our shareholders, while foreign companies constitute 31.7% (as of end-March 2017).
  • Maintenance and expansion of corporate value
  • Appropriate redistribution of profits
  • Timely & appropriate information disclosure
  • General shareholders meetings / Business report briefings / Briefings for investors
  • IR conferences / Individual meetings
  • Annual reports / Shareholder communications
  • IR information website
  • Liaison office for responding to inquiries (Corporate Communication Office)
Transaction partners The Fujifilm Group conducts transactions worldwide with suppliers of raw materials and components and retailers of our products, etc.
  • Thorough implementation of fairness & transparency in transactions
  • Briefings to suppliers (on CSR procurement including green supply, management of chemical substances contained, etc.)
  • CSR Self-Check (self-audited)
  • Website for exclusive use of transaction partners
  • Regular discussions with partners
  • Liaison office for responding to inquiries (in each procurement and sales division)
Future generations & local societies The Fujifilm Group has bases in approx. 40 countries across the world and conducts its activities by treating the local culture and customs with respect, as well as putting efforts into educational support for future generations.
  • Prevention of fires and accidents in the workplace
  • Environmental communication meetings / Factory tours
  • Community volunteer activities
  • Regular discussions with local governments (city hall, mayor, community association presidents, etc.)
  • Liaison offices (at each factory & office)
  • Dispatch of lecturers to the academic organization & endowed chairs
  • Environmental education activities in cooperation with NGOs & NPOs
Government organizations & industrial associations The Fujifilm Group has businesses in countries all over the world. Each of these businesses belongs to several industrial associations and has active relations with the respective government organizations, including participating in collaborations and information exchanges, etc.
  • Participation in various industrial committees
  • Participation in the development of industry guidelines
  • Announcement of public comments through industry associations
  • Joint research & development of government or industry association
  • Proposals aimed at the resolution of social issues
NGOs & NPOs We are conducting dialogues with NGOs & NPOs who are actively aiming for a sustainable society, for the resolution of social issues and environmental conservation.
  • Obtain views on the Sustainability Report
  • Participate in stakeholder dialogue
  • Administration committee of Public Trust Fujifilm Green Fund
  • Review meetings on various CSR issues
  • Afflicted area support activities with NPO

[Photo]ASTALIFT Roppongi Store offering direct communication with customers

ASTALIFT Roppongi Store offering direct communication with customers

[Photo]In-house magazines for internal communication

In-house magazines for internal communication

[Photo]IR information on the web

IR information on the web

[Photo]Exchange event with local residents (FUJIFILM Kyushu Cherry Blossom Festival)

Exchange event with local residents (FUJIFILM Kyushu Cherry Blossom Festival)

Specific actions and activities

Related Information

We are conducting various communication activities, such as Stakeholder Dialogues, to ensure that we operate our businesses from an objective viewpoint.

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