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Creating the Triple Promotion Policy


Discussions about creating the Medium-Term CSR Plan were made over the following four steps. In the step to evaluate the importance of the issues to be covered, the social impact, scale of our potential contribution, and the impact on our business were all considered with the help of an external expert. The Policies also feature quantified targets to the maximum extent possible.

Basic Approach

[STEP1] Clarifying the Basic Policies

The latest Medium-Term CSR Plan clarified the focus of our CSR activities by reviewing previous CSR activities and investigating trends in society and other companies' activities. In addition to continuation and reinforcement of the existing CSR activities, “Exhaustive governance and compliance and reduction of impact on environment and society” and “Keeping an extended view across the value chain, life cycle, and world-wide,” we have made it clear in the Basic Policies that we will expand the scope of “Actively aim to solve social issues through our business activities,” which was already in operation.


[STEP2] Extracting Social Issues Based on Business Strategy

In extracting the social and environmental issues to address, we listed approximately 130 items based on ISO 26000 (international guidelines for social responsibility of business and organizations), the GRI Guidelines (international sustainability reporting guidelines), and the primary issues faced by other companies in the same industry and corporations with advanced CSR practices.
Also, we discussed the possibility of contribution to solving social issues among all business divisions, and clarified the possible products, services, and technologies by each division.

main CSR Issues(PDF: 42KB)

[STEP3] Evaluation of Materiality

As it is difficult to evaluate materiality of both “measures to solve social issues through business” and “conscious on environmental and social impact” in the same manner, we took two approaches for evaluation.

(1) Solving social issues through business activities

We created a matrix of social issues and our products, services, and technologies that may contribute to solving such issues. Next, the size of potential contribution as well as the size of impact on society, were assessed to identify the social issues.

[Chart]Matrix on Social Issues and Fujifilm Group’s Products, Services, and Technologies

Matrix on Social Issues and Fujifilm Group's Products, Services, and Technologies

(2) Conscious on environmental and social impact within business processes

With the participation of E-Square Inc., a professional CSR consultancy, the social issues identified are rated on two axes; from the social point of view (how important society believes the resolution of the issue is and what society expects the Fujifilm Group to do about it) and the corporate point of view (impact on business strategy, brand and reputation) and mapped on five levels. Issues that were rated four or higher on both axes were organized and reviewed as suitable expressions and defined as priority issues.

[Chart]Materiality Mapping for Extracting Priority Issues

Materiality Mapping for Extracting Priority Issues

[STEP4] Planning and Review

We set a goal for each priority issues. The environmental and HR divisions of operating companies which promote each priority issue played a central role to quantify their goals by looking back over its activities. Priority issues and Medium-Term CSR Plan were discussed and formulated at the CSR Committee chaired by the President of FUJIFILM Holdings.

Review FY2014

In order to assure accuracy of data on the environment and society featured in the Sustainability Report, activities in FY2014 underwent third-party verification. We will now further our activities throughout the Group towards achievement of the Medium-Term CSR Plan.

Review FY2015

In FY2015, a general review of the Group's priority issues identified in SVP 2016 was carried out employing the perspective of the SDGs on the 130 items involved in social issues. Specifically, we invited the CSR specialist E-Square to participate once again, as for the development of SVP 2016, to examine the 169 SDG targets from the standpoint of “social interests and requests” and “materiality for the Fujifilm Group” and to help decide whether new items should be added to the existing priority issues. The findings led to items that increased in importance but confirmed that there is no significant difference with the existing items.

Review FY2016

It will take more time to build the kind of society that we aimed at with our SVP 2016. Under our new CSR plan announced in August 2017, we aim to contribute to solving the social issues shown in the SDGs and the Paris Agreement, using our unique and advanced technologies to provide top-quality products and services.

[Chart]Fujifilm Group's Actions on SDGs

Fujifilm Group's Actions on SDGs (Relationship with SVP 2016)

Related Information

Enhancing the quality of life and the sustainable development of society.

The Fujifilm Group examines CSR issues from both corporate and stakeholders' viewpoints and moves forward with its CSR activities by setting priority CSR targets and implementing specific measures.

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