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Daily Life



Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2017.

Basic Approach

Photography, the original business of the Fujifilm Group, has the power to preserve memories of events and help us to lead fulfilling lives. This belief was reinforced by the “Photo Rescue Project” organized during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. With our Tono Mirai Zukuri College, conceived as part of the recovery assistance activities, we are exploring directions we can take in the future to revitalize local communities. Photos and documents can revitalize communication and preserve our cultural heritage for future generations, and our hope is that we can develop new products and services and promote their wider use in society. The safe storage of digital data is important in allowing members of society to preserve their ties with other people, thus enriching life in a society that is safe and with fewer accidents and less crime.

< Social Issues > Risks in international society

  • Safety & security
  • Transmission and storage of information
  • Relationships & life fulfillment
  • Preservation of arts and cultureetc.

[Image] Digital data volume generated in the world by 2020

We now live in the era of Big Data, when different types of information are stored as digital data. The data volume generated across the world has increased massively, marking 4.4 trillion GB in 2013—a figure expected to increase 10 times by 2020 to 44 trillion GB. However, available storage could only accommodate 33% of existing data in 2013, and this will decrease to less than 15% by 2020. We are now faced with the serious issue of storing important data safely.

[ Priority Issue 1 ] Contribute to creating a safe and secure society

[ Target ]

  • Disseminate products that contribute to long-term storage of important information, crime prevention, and improve information security and social infrastructure safety

[ Priority Issue 2 ] Contribute to enriching humanity and relationships

[ Targets ]

  • (1) Contribute to handing down important cultures and artworks
  • (2) Develop solutions to invigorate the community engagement
  • (3) Disseminate photographic products that store memories in tangible forms and enrich people's lives

[Image] Related Business Fields

SVP2016 Review

1 Contribute to creating a safe and secure society

The FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium 7 Data Cartridge, which is based on our own barium ferrite (BaFe) magnetic particles and other technologies and our “dternity” data archiving service, a system that provides long-term, safe and secure mass data storage, are both designed to reduce CO2 emissions. Although our lenses for security cameras are contributing to strengthened security, we realize that our efforts in this area are not yet enough to be recognized as significant.

2 Contribute to enriching humanity and relationship

Major contributions have been made from three aspects. Specifically, we are helping museums and libraries to preserve Japan's invaluable cultural and artistic properties with our various archiving services. The new communications tools we have provided to promote tourism in local communities and our Mirai Zuruki activities are improving communications in local communities.

Out of the photographic products designed to enrich people's lives and store their memories in tangible form, our mirrorless digital camera X Series has earned outstanding praise from the market for its ease of operation and for allowing people to enjoy high resolution photos. In addition, we have gained outstanding recognition for providing increased opportunities for people to enjoy photography, and for increasing the number of photography fans through our one-time-use recyclable camera, an instant photo system that gives you printed photos on the spot, and for our Year Album, Shuffle Print and other services that add value to photo prints and thus add color to people's everyday lives, and by expanding the scale of our “PHOTO IS” 50,000—Person Photo Exhibition. We believe that the variety of these products has contributed to enriching people's lives.

Towards the New CSR Plan, SVP 2030

We continue to offer a range of opportunities to enjoy photographs and a variety of photographic products and cameras that help to enrich people's lives and bring peaceful daily moments in them. In addition to magnetic tapes, we are also contributing to creating a safe and secure society offering our products used for semiconductors and display materials, and to reinforce infrastructures such as buildings in society.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2017.

Related Information

The Fujifilm Group examines CSR issues from both corporate and stakeholders' viewpoints and moves forward with its CSR activities by setting priority CSR targets and implementing specific measures.

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