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Working Style



Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2017.

Basic Approach

The Fujifilm Group has brought evolution to communications in society through a fusion of familiar paper data with digital data and on to a seamless integration with cloud services and mobile solutions. Access to and the sharing of information in various forms with ease and without any conscious awareness of the digital divide expands the possibilities for different services and working styles in every possible place—in offices and government organizations and in education and medical care. By giving value to communication with the focus on people, Fujifilm will continue to support a wide range of working styles for the new age.

< Social Issues > Risks in international society

  • Working disparity
  • Reduction in workforce
  • Diversityetc.


SDGs list the issues of gender equality, sustainable economic growth, and employment among them. In Japan, the Act of Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace was enforced on April 1, 2016. We now face concerns for labor shortages in the future and diversification in occupational needs, and globalization. To address these issues, it is indispensable to diversify human resources in various employment areas. Women's participation is particularly important in such employment issues.

[ Priority Issue 1 ] Promote communications that transcend the information barrier

[ Target ]

  • Promote solution services to enhance communications inside and outside the company and widely notify details of case studies

[ Priority Issue 2 ] Promote diversity

[ Target ]

  • Create and expand practical working environment solutions that enable people to work wherever and whenever to suit individual's skills and lifestyle needs


SVP2016 Review

The Fujifilm Group is now providing solutions services to create environments that will enable a diversity of work styles that suit people's individual situations regardless of time and place. We have made major contributions to two of our priority issues in this area.

1 Promote communications that transcend the information barrier

We have contributed to improving communication through our DocuWorks, our own document handling software that integrates paper and digital documents, for the effective transmission, sharing and storage of data, Cloud On-Demand Print that offers a versatile printing environment shared between offices and companies and our Scan Translation Service that supports multilingual communication.

2 Promote diversity

We are contributing to work style reform at our customers to bring greater productivity by offering various solutions and workplace schemes based on the results of our longstanding research and experience in Work Style Reform, including DocuWorks Mobile, which allows seamless integration of multifunction devices, and our Working Folder cloud service, thus facilitating mobile working, and in reforming business processes to simplify over-complicated processes.

Towards the New CSR Plan, SVP 2030

We continue to create working environments that inspire workers through promoting our own case studies to solve business issues, offering ICT to solve customers' issues and cloud-based products that realize new work styles, and developing and offering solution services.

However, it is impossible to support diverse and flexible work styles in which individual workers can exert their ability to the highest standard by a single company's products and services—especially in time of rapid ICT innovation. We plan to expand our collaboration with other cloud service providers for more efficient business operations, quicker responses, and effective communications. We will bring office work to a higher level by supporting other companies' efforts to realize a better working environment for their staff.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2017.

Related Information

The Fujifilm Group examines CSR issues from both corporate and stakeholders' viewpoints and moves forward with its CSR activities by setting priority CSR targets and implementing specific measures.

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