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[Priority Issue 2] Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources


[Image]Promotion policy 3[Priority issue 2]

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2017.

Basic Approach

[Photo]FUJIFILM WAY Training for employees across the world
(Photo: FUJIFILM Belgium NV)

FUJIFILM WAY Training for employees across the world (Photo: FUJIFILM Belgium NV)

The Fujifilm Group aims at realizing its corporate slogan “Value from Innovation” by challenging with courage in the dramatic changes of business environment. Further, for the purpose of driving such acceleration on the creation, development, and global expansion of prospective businesses listed in the Medium-Term Management Plan, VISION 2016, it is important to develop the human resources and to create an environment where diverse human resources can maximize their abilities. For these purposes, we are giving a top priority to developing global and executive talent with high level of skills in thinking and acting on their own in global society, and are actively reforming and expanding our businesses for the next generation. We are now implementing the systems to identify, develop, and promote human resources based on an international viewpoint across the Group.


Build a working environment with diversity (*1) that enable all workers (*2) to exert their individuality

*1 Create systems to develop human resources and utilize them to the most suitable positions
*2 Domestic and foreign workers, and female, elderly, or disabled employees

< Topics > Work Style Reform Evaluation
Work Style Reform by Fuji Xerox wins various awards

[Logo]Telework Pioneer TW100


Since Fuji Xerox commenced its Work Style Reform in FY2013, the Company has been working to change employees' awareness, corporate culture, task prioritization, and process reform in order to improve productivity, enhance workforce diversity, and achieve a good work-life balance. During FY2014, we promote a home working system and reformed sales business processes such as: (1) Revision of flextime system to encourage working in the mornings to ensure work sharing and liaising; (2) Introduction of Home Working System for employees with responsibilities such as childcare and nursing care; and (3) Revision of working hour system to enable remote work for domestic sales divisions. In addition to support to help balance work and private life, we are proactively implementing various system that enable every employee to utilize their abilities regardless of their age, nationality, or disability.

These efforts have brought about a variety of results, including a reduction in the annual average working hours per employee by 130 hours over the three years. We believe that the many awards we received this year are a social recognition of such efforts to improve our employees' working styles. Fuji Xerox continues to explore diverse ways of working and to offer our own experience—as a service to other companies.

Awards Concerning Work Style Reform

Excellent Prize in the Telework in Practice category, 17th Telework Promotion Awards

(Host: Japan Telework Association)

These awards are to encourage corporations to employ “telework” that enables a flexible way of working regardless of location or time utilizing information communication technology (ICT). The 17th awards application was solicited under the theme of “Aiming for working style reform through telework” and 11 corporations were selected for the awards.

Top Hundred Telework Pioneers, 2016

(Host: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications made an appeal for enterprises and organizations that actively promote telework. As a result, 53 organizations were selected as Telework Pioneers and from these, 42 outstanding organizations were recognized as the top hundred telework pioneers.

Encouragement Prize in the Large Enterprise Category under the 1st Awards for Enterprises and Workplaces with Pleasant Working Environments and High Productivity—Enterprises Taking Actions to Balance Increased Productivity and Attractive Working Environments

(Host: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

These awards are designed to encourage enterprises to improve both productivity and HR management in order to create workplaces attractive to workers. This award program has been introduced and 144 companies and workplaces applied for the first year. A total of 15 enterprises were selected for the awards, and three received the Excellent Prize, four the Superior Prize, and eight the Encouragement Prize.

New Diversity Management Selection 100, 2016

(Host: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

This award program, introduced in FY2012, aims to promote diversity management among enterprises by publishing the best practices conducted in those enterprises that gained successful business results through such management. A total of 174 enterprises have been selected over the last four years. In FY2016, 31 enterprises were selected out of 122 applications.

Third-Party Opinion on “Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources”

Developing human resources both systematically and in a well-planned manner is highly commendable

[Photo]Chief Researcher, Business Ethics Research Center President, Wellness System Institute Ms. Kuniko Muramatsu

Chief Researcher, Business Ethics Research Center
President, Wellness Systems Institute
Ms. Kuniko Muramatsu
After serving as manager of Corporate Communications department, Ethics & Diversity office at a global corporation, she established her own company. Ms. Muramatsu provides support for the promotion of business ethics, inclusive environment and CSR, linked to human resources and organizational development, diversity and inclusion and CSR, as well as for research into practical applications. She serves also as a representative director for the NPO GEWEL, a director of the Japan Professional Football League (J League) and an outside director for listed companies. She completed her graduate studies at Tsukuba University.

The Fujifilm Group upholds “Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources” as a priority issue in its Medium-Term CSR Plan SVP 2016 and in the new CSR plan SVP 2030. Under SVP 2016, the Fujifilm Group has made solid achievements in both work style reform and health and productivity management. It is highly commendable that the Company is developing professional talent that contributes to sustainable growth, both systematically and in a well-planned manner and on a group-wide basis, as the foundation of its CSR.

On the other hand, there are concerns over the “outcome” of its drive in compliance training, promoting awareness of human rights issues, career support, reinforcement of global capabilities and other human resources development measures regarding how they are connected to the development of each employee and to reform of the corporate culture. I believe that data disclosure on employee engagement and more moral surveys and development of narratives from the employee perspective will foster greater understanding of human resources development both inside and outside the organization.

I look forward to greater advances being made in the long-term in management commitment and a greater sensitivity by all employees toward society, and to the Fujifilm Group leading the reform to create a society where everyone finds fulfillment in work.

Response to the third-party opinion

Thank you very much for your appraisal for some of the Fujifilm Group's activities from a longer-term perspective, namely, “work style innovation” and “health and productivity management.” Development and use of diverse human resources has become increasingly important for global companies. We hope to direct greater energy to this area so that various employees can play their parts actively. Furthermore, regarding your comment, the lack of visibility in the outcome of human resources development measures that contribute to corporate growth and culture, we will plan to show this through explanations and the results of progress towards the targets for each business field in our new CSR Plan, including employee satisfaction rates, etc.

(Human Resources Division, FUJIFILM Holdings)

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2017.

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Enhancing the quality of life and the sustainable development of society.

The Fujifilm Group examines CSR issues from both corporate and stakeholders' viewpoints and moves forward with its CSR activities by setting priority CSR targets and implementing specific measures.

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