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Reduce our own environmental impacts
and contribute to the resolution of environmental issues.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2018.

Fujifilm Group's Goals under SVP 2030

[Image]Social Issues

Contribution to SDGs

[Image]Contribution to SDGs

To achieve sustainable development, the whole of the Fujifilm Group around the world is working on various environmental issues under its Green Policy so that it can also be the leading company in the environmental field. In addition to reducing the environmental impact of our production activities, we are focusing on cutting CO2 emissions and making effective use of water and other resources across the entire product lifecycle, reaching as far as the use and disposal of our products by our customers. We are also developing products and services that offer outstanding energy-saving and resourcesaving results that will contribute to reducing the environmental impact for society as a whole. In R&D we are developing new technologies to resolve environmental issues including energy issues.

Priority Issue

[image][Priority Issue 1]Address Climate Change

[Priority Issue 2]Promote Recycling of Resources

[Priority Issue 3]Address Energy Issues toward a Non-Carbon Society

[Priority Issue 4]Ensure Product and Chemical Safety

The Key Points in FY2017 Activities

Third-Party Opinion on “Environment”

Looking forward to achieving even better environmental results
through SVP 2030 as the Earth’s environment is at a dangerous stage

[photo]Special Advisor UNEP Finance Initiative Mr. Takejiro Sueyoshi

UNEP Finance Initiative
Special Advisor
Mr. Takejiro Sueyoshi
In addition to being involved in UNEP FI, Mr. Sueyoshi has served in various positions, such as committee member on various types of councils on the Central Environment Council, advisor to Kawasaki City and Kagoshima City, part-time lecturer at Waseda University and others. He also works as an external member of the board to companies and engages in efforts to raise awareness on environmental issues and the social responsibility of companies on TV, in newspapers, published works, and lectures.

The Fujifilm Group's SVP 2030 covers a wide range of complex global issues. As their primary targets, the Group chose four pillars of climate change, resource recycling, energy, and chemical substances, which were well balanced and appropriate.

The concrete measures taken based on these pillars were also noteworthy. For example, the Fujifilm Group has established a goal of 30% CO2 emissions reduction (compared to the FY2013 level) by 2030 in the category of climate change. Not only was this target very ambitious but the Group has already achieved a 15% reduction across the entire product lifecycle by 2017. The Group has also proactively worked on reducing environmental impact in terms of water, waste, and resources, in the category of resource recycling. It is also distinctive to the Fujifilm Group to have minimized environmental and human impacts from the chemical substances used in their business.

 As human activities have exceeded safe margins in some areas of the Planetary Boundaries, the Earth's environment is now facing a dangerous stage. Against this backdrop, demands from international society are becoming even stricter—such as zero CO2 and waste emissions—in order to seek visible results.

I hope that the Fujifilm Group adapts flexibly to such changes and continues to achieve even better environmental results.

Response to the third-party opinion

We are grateful for the outstanding appraisal of our SVP 2030. This is our new long-term CSR plan with the reduction targets in our business processes and in society through our products and services, considering the Paris Agreement.

We have made a good start in our initial year of SVP 2030. We will continue our efforts in addressing each environmental issue including searching and taking the opportunity to use renewable energy, and developing products that contribute to solve climate change and energy issues through our recently established the environmentally conscious product certification program.

We plan to review progress toward our SVP 2030 targets every year, and aim to achieving higher targets with our utmost efforts, in coordination with our business plans toward realizing the carbon neutral society.

(CSR Group, Corporate Planning Division, FUJIFILM Holdings)

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2018.

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