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[Priority Issue 5]Promote Management of a Healthy Workplace


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2018.

Target and Key points in FY2017 Activities

Target for 2030

Promote management of health and productivity to maintain employees' vitality.

As the Fujifilm Group believes it essential to ensure that employees can work with energy and remain in good health both physically and mentally at their workplaces, to maintain our position as a leading company by Creating New Value which is stated in our Vision, we have been working to promote employees' health promotion activities focusing on the priority areas such as preventing lifestyle-related diseases and cancers, quitting smoking, mental illness and preventing overwork.

In occupational safety and health, our effort will be directed to ensuring safety at work for our employees by making safety a priority and to implementing absolute compliance with the laws related to safety and health, founded on the belief that “occupational safety is the basis of all business activities.”

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Outline of Activities in FY2017


[Target] Raise cancer screening rates to 90% or more (for men/women: stomach, lungs, large intestine)

  • Steady increase in the number of endoscopic examinations and women undergoing checks for gynecological cancer
  • Opening of a medical clinic specializing in endoscopic examinations, organization of seminars promoting colorectal cancer examinations and other continuing efforts were promoted for employees.
  • Advancement of medical examinations with e-mails, promotional guides and other literature that caters to age group and gender.

[Target] Reduction in number of workdays lost

  • Group-wide health/mental health committee set up to analyze the causes of absences, used to assess signs of mental illness and to implement measures at an early stage.
  • Research to assess the situation with incidents at work in overseas Group companies started in FY2017.
  • Establishment of common indicators related to occupational safety and management and introduction of a selfaudit system

[Other major activities]

  • Affiliates and subsidiaries of Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox established goals, KPIs, etc., for their respective health improvement plans
  • Announcement rankings for number of smokers at each business site and approach targeted for key sites
  • Introduction of web tools that will allow employees to check their own stress levels at any time.
  • Health management system that matches the quality of the system in Japan to be introduced for resident employees working abroad.

Future Activities and Targets

  • Reinforce health management and promotion organization and health management across the entire Fujifilm Group by various continuing measures.
  • Introduce measures that focus on breast cancer and colorectal cancer, which have a high incidence ratio, and on growth rates for cancer medical care expenses
  • Introduce measures to promote better health by further utilizing the Health Data Bank.
  • Continue measures in the face of the 2019 revision to the regulations on maximum working hours.

Further Information

In July 2013 the Fujifilm Group established a groupwide health promotion council composed of the Group companies' HR divisions, industrial doctors and the Fujifilm Group health insurance association. Since then we have been promoting health promotion measures through this council. We established a Health Promotion Group under FUJIFILM holdings in July 2018. In the future, this group will be responsible for health promotion measures and occupational health, following the PDCA cycle to promote health across the entire Fujifilm Group with a focus on priority measures.

In addition, we will encourage the introduction of Health Data Bank for multilateral consolidation of regular health check results and stress check data for all employees in our Group companies and at the same time develop a system that can be used effectively by employees, the Group companies and industrial doctors.

In a high evaluation of these activities, FUJIFILM Holdings was recognized under the 2018 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (Large Enterprise Category)—White 500, same as FY2017.

[rogo]2018 Certified Health and Productivity

2018 Certified Health and Productivity


Employees' Health Promotion Activities
(American Fujifilm companies set a new Guinness World Record)

Seven Fujifil companies across America brought 817 employees together at multiple venues on April 6 to set a new Guinness World Record for the most people doing air squats for one minute.

In 2014, as part of its MSD* program for employees, Fujifil introduced “Fujifilm Fit,” a health promotion program for its entire US operations which succeeded in reducing injuries and the cost of incidents at work. All participating companies have adopted Fujifilm Fit. As the program spread group-wide, the health examination participation rate for the various business sites increased by 20%, prompting the company to push for a Guinness World Record.

The program offers employees activities in which they can improve their physical and mental health, including group exercise classes to build self-motivation and energy at work. The program will be further disseminated and expanded in scope to maintain sound health and safety in the work environment.

*MSD: Musculoskeletal disorders involve chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system, including the upper and lower back, arms, etc.



Employees doing air squats at each site. Participants from Seven American Fujifilm companies: FUJIFILM Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc., FUJIFILM Holdings America Corporation, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc., FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc., FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies U.S.A., Inc., FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.

Health Awareness Promotion among Employees
(Lecture held on the theme of "continue working with good health and fitness")

As part of Fujifilm's activities to promote employee health, lectures were given by Mr. Tadashi Shiwa, Director of the Fujifilm Health Management Center, who has worked as industrial doctor for the Company for 22 years.

General statistical data on major business corporations show that the fatality rates by type of disease for persons in active employment are 50% for cancer, 25% for myocardial infarction, apoplexy and arteriosclerosis, and 25% for accidents or other causes. The figures were roughly the same at Fujifil before his appointment as director of the center. Based on the findings, Mr. Shiwa implemented detailed guidance on habits to improve health and prevent lifestyle diseases. In particular, he offered clear guidance on smoking, excessive drinking and obesity, which are regarded as being the cause of all types of cancer.

"My goal as an industrial doctor is to reduce fatalities during active employment to as near to zero as possible. With the early detection of cancer, guidance on lifestyle habits that will prevent arteriosclerosis and mental health programs, we will be able to prevent nearly all deaths. Because they work hard and are committed to their work, however, employees find it difficult to make sure they have regular health examinations and treatment at external medical institutions. For this reason, the Center introduced every possible measure, including cancer screenings, guidance on and treatment for lifestyle related diseases, mental health programs, instructions on how to quit smoking, vaccinations and examinations of helicobacter pylori," he said. As a result of these efforts, the number of deaths fell from 10 or more per year 22 years ago to only 1, the result of an accident, in 2016. We succeeded in achieving zero deaths from disease among employees.

His lectures, in which he presented statistics and case studies based on his 22 years of experience, were a great opportunity to renew our awareness of the risk of lifestyle related diseases and the importance of early action. Fujifilm will continue to improve employee awareness through these promotions to promote good health management.



Lectures by Mr. Tadashi Shiwa, Director of Fujifilm Health Management Center for employees of the Fujifilm Group working in the Tokyo area. Around 200 people attended the lectures held on March 15 and 22.

The 12 Articles on Cancer Prevention

  1. Quit smoking.
  2. Avoid secondhand smoke whenever you can.
  3. Drink moderately (one cup of Japanese sake, one large bottle of beer or 2/3 cup of shochu liquor or less).
  4. Eat a balanced diet (less processed meats and red meat).
  5. Eat only moderate amounts of salty food (no more than 9 g of salt for men; 7.5 g for women).
  6. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit.
  7. Exercise moderately (walk 60 minutes each day; 60 minutes of moderate exercise, slight perspiration each week).
  8. Keep the optimum weight (BMI: 21-27 for men, 21-25 for women).
  9. Prevention and treatment of infections from viruses and bacteria (Helicobacter pylori & hepatitis virus)
  10. Have regular cancer examinations.
  11. Have a medical examination if you experience any physical problem.
  12. Obtain accurate information on cancer and learn about the disease.

Seven Good Health Habits

  1. Do not smoke. Avoid secondhand smoke.
  2. Do not eat excessive amounts of fats, sugar and salt. Base your diet around vegetables, and avoid taking too much snacks.
  3. Walk for at least 30 minutes each day, and do exercise that causes you to perspire a little for at least 30 minutes each week. (*)
  4. Check your weight each day and maintain it at the optimum level.
  5. Have regular health examinations, and get treatment for diabetes, hyperlipidemia and high blood pressure at an early stage.
  6. Only drink moderate amounts of alcohol, or do not drink at all.
  7. Avoid getting stressed, and get 7-8 hours sleep each day.

* Walking 8,000 steps each day prevents cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and dementia.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2018.

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The Fujifilm Group examines CSR issues from both corporate and stakeholders' viewpoints and moves forward with its CSR activities by setting priority CSR targets and implementing specific measures.

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