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Work Style


[image]Work Style

Promote social change where every person is motivated in the workplace through extending our in-house work-style reforms.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2018.

Fujifilm Group's Goals under SVP 2030

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Contribution to SDGs

[image]Contribution to SDGs

The Fujifilm Group has brought evolution to communications in society through combining familiar paper data with digital data and seamlessly integrating with cloud services and mobile solutions. Enabling people to access and share the information in various forms with ease and without any conscious of the digital divide, we will expand the possibilities for providing various services and work styles in every possible workplace-in company offices, government organizations, and the fields of education and medical care, etc. The Fujifilm Group supports a wide range of work styles for the new age by enhancing the value of communications through human-centric “Better Communications” that we have fostered through our research and practice of work style reform in our own company. In addition, we believe that the capacity building of each employee and demonstration of the performance will contribute to our own company’s growth and ultimately to society through our business. For this reason, we strive to create workplace that our diverse employees can exert their capabilities to the fullest extent.

Priority Issue



Activities in FY2017

[image]Activities in FY2017

Third-Party Opinion on “Work Style”

Hope to provide a positive influence to the industry through the work style reform support services to clients

[photo]UNEP Finance Initiative Special Advisor Mr. Takejiro Sueyoshi

Member of the Cabinet Office Regional
Work Style Reform Support Team
Mr. Naoki Atsumi
Mr. Atsumi graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1992. He joined Toray Corporate Business Research, Inc. in 2009 after working in several different think tanks. Dedicated to research in the field of diversity and work-life balance for 25 years, he has conducted interviews with 1,050 leading companies across the world and studied data from more than 10,000 companies. He has also worked as a consultant to give practical support to companies implementing diversity and work-life balance measures. After being appointed as a governmental officer in public council roles, he is currently working as a member of the Cabinet Office Regional Work Style Reform Support Team to train new consultants who will promote work style reforms in medium-to-small companies in regions across Japan.

The Fujifilm Group is known to be one of Japan's leading companies in the area of diversity and work-life balance. The Group has also been one of the top ranking companies in the “100 Best Companies Where Women Play Active Part” by Nikkei WOMAN, in which I have been involved as a committee member. Such efforts by the Fujifilm Group have been recognized by various public awards.

So it is good news for other corporations that the Fujifilm Group offers its Work Style Reform Support Service utilizing their practical knowledge that has been tried and tested in their own companies. Work style reform has now shifted from managementled to frontline-led. Let me describe the keys for successfully changing a corporate culture. From the perspective of employees, the keys are “JFK3” in Japanese. J stands for Jiritsu(initiative). Employees need to manage both their work and private life on their own initiative. F stands for Fukan(a long-term view). Employees should set their own long-range targets for both their office and their family life, and calculate back to today to think what they can do to achieve those targets. Finally, K3 stands for Kattou(difficulties), Kakuto(struggles), and Kakugo(determination), to achieve those targets regardless of difficulties and long-term struggles. On the other hand, the keys for the company are the “CH3.” Simply put, a company that keeps Challenging in a period of Change always manages to get a big Chance. I do really hope that the Fujifilm Group will bring about a successful outcome for its own work style reform and provide a widespread positive influence to Japanese industry through its solution service to corporate clients.

Response to the third-party opinion

Thank you very much for valuing our efforts toward work style reform within the Fujifilm Group. By utilizing the knowledge and experience that we have gained over the years through our own efforts for work style reform, we are offering various solution services to contribute to the improvement of work styles in society such as ongoing trials of teleworking and Smart Work Innovation to promote work style reform so that people can fully exert their creativity as described in this report. We believe that people are literally the human “resources” for a company's development, and that the company can only grow sustainably by enabling its employees to exert their capabilities to the fullest extent in the sustainable environment for them. We continue to help our diverse employees to enhance their own abilities and to work efficiently through various measures such as Work Style Innovation. At the same time, we will continue offering products, services and technologies that contribute to work style reform in society, by making best use of our awareness and realization gained through implementing internal reforms.

(CSR Group, Corporate Planning Division, FUJIFILM Holdings)

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2018.

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