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[Priority issue 1] Raise Compliance Awareness and Ensure Risk Management: Outline of Activities in FY2014:Ocupational Health and Safety/Promotion of Health


Fujifilm Group


In order to implement its vision of maintaining its position as a leading company by Creating New Value, the Fujifilm Group deems it important to ensure that employees can work with vigor and in good health both physically and mentally at their workplaces. In the Group, however, we suffered further cases of decrease labor productivity and an increase in medical costs, and in response we established a group-wide health promotion council composed of the Group companies' personnel departments, industrial doctors, and the Fujifilm Group health insurance association in July 2013. The council has since been conducting activities focusing on four areas: prevention of serious lifestyle-related diseases; quitting smoking; mental health; and prevention of overwork. KPIs were set for each area and we are fostering collaboration between the related organizations.

In FY2014, based on the results of the continued Not Smoking Campaign, we established a permanent stop-smoking assistance program in April 2015. We also added “measures against cancers” to our priority areas for health promotion and opened the Nishiazabu Medical Center (see page 51) to raise the cancer detection rate among employees as part of further enhancements to our health promotion activities.

[Photo]Hands-on Risk Seminars

Hands-on Risk Seminars

[Photo]Hands-on Risk Seminars

Future Prospects

We plan to implement the Group employees' medical and health data integration project launched in January 2014 at Fujifilm and Fuji Xerox in FY2015, and then at our affiliates and sales companies in Japan in FY2016. We expect that integrating the data managed separately by each business site, industrial doctor, and the health insurance association into one database will foster more appropriate use of the data and have a positive effect on our health promotion measures, health instructions by industrial doctors, and selfcare activities by employees.
At Fujifilm, we will also deploy the group-wide measures to share important tips for accident-related information to overseas factories in FY2015. And at Fuji Xerox, to prevent serious work accidents that requires absence from work, we will continuously boost greater risk awareness and heighten sensitivity to work accidents prevention through safety and health committee of each factory.


Fujifilm is working to provide employees with safe and comfortable workplaces based on the safety policies and plans set out for each business site. Specifically, the members of the Occupational Safety and Health Committee, including factory managers, make regular patrols of the facilities, assess risks to ensure the inherent safety of equipment at the design stage, conduct emergency drills against fires and earthquakes with the participation of all employees, and provide employees with education on hazard prediction (KY) and risk assessment concerning chemical substances. We also provide employees with safety education and expands the target of hands-on risk seminars to include the employees of our affiliates. In the seminars, participants have a virtual experience of what it would be like to “get caught by a machine” and “getting an electrical shock” to increase their sensitivity to risks.

From FY2015, in consideration of the fact that flammable materials are often in use, Fujifilm is now preparing a handson seminar on the prevention of explosions to have virtual experience of fires and explosions caused by flammable materials.

Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox and its affiliates and sales companies are conducting activities with an aim for realization of safe and pleasant workplace, and health of employees both physically and mentally. To prevent work accidents, each factory investigated the cause of the accidents through the activity of safety and health committee, examined preventive measures of recurrence and continuously raised employee awareness. As a result, in fiscal 2014, the number of work accidents per 1,000 employees was 1.01 cases (decreased 1.64 cases compared with the previous fiscal year) for Fuji Xerox (unconsolidated) and the number of work accidents was 10 cases (decreased 15 cases) which included 0 cases of accident that required absence from work (decreased 11 cases).

As health-promoting action, we introduced ban on smoking during working hours and are improving the medical examination system which will lead to the early detection of cancer.

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