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[Priority issue 2] Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources


[Image]Promotion policy 3 Priority issue 2

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2015.

Basic Approach

[image]FUJIFILM Global Leadership Seminar

FUJIFILM Global Leadership Seminar

The Fujifilm Group aims at realizing its corporate slogan “Value from Innovation” by challenging the dramatic changes occurring in the business environment with courage. Further, to accelerate the creation, development, and global expansion of prospective businesses listed in the Medium-Term Management Plan, VISION 2016, it is important to create an environment to develop the human resources to drive such acceleration and enable them to exert their diverse capabilities to the maximum. For these purposes, we are giving a top priority to developing global and executive talent with high level of skills in thinking and acting on their own in global society, and are actively reforming and expanding our businesses for the next generation. We are now implementing the systems to identify, develop, and promote human resources based on an international viewpoint across the Group.


Build a working environment with diversity*1 that enable all workers*2 to exert their individuality

*1Create systems to develop human resources and utilize them to the most suitable positions
*2 Domestic and foreign workers, and female, elderly, or disabled employees


Fuji Xerox works on several measures to promote female job advancement


Fuji Xerox established a plan to boost the ratio of managerial positions held by women from 5.8% in FY2014 to 14.0% in FY2020 and is working actively to promote female job advancement. Our promotional measures included the Diversity Forum, designed to identify obstacles to female workers achieving advances in their jobs from the viewpoint of actual female workers in the frontline. The forum identified four issues: (1) working hours, (2) flexible working styles, (3) awareness among female workers, and (4) awareness in the work place, and formulated appropriate countermeasures for each issue. In FY2013, as countermeasures for obstacles (1) and (2), the entire company worked to implement a highly productive working method (maximizing the work results within the standard working hours), as well as home-working and remote-working systems.

In FY2014, the Female Business Leader Advancement Promotion Program, a seminar for female candidates for executive positions, was held to encourage them to advance into even higher job rank classifications and was attended by 35 managers. We have implemented the programs such as exchanges with roll models inside and outside of the company, development of mindset for senior management through mentors, and commitment of carrier planning. We will expand these programs to nominate female management candidates and offer educational programs for them.

The Work Style Innovation campaign to become a corporation where diverse employees work to the fullest extent

It is said that the productive population in Japan will be halved due to aging, the low birth rate, and the overall population decrease. For a Japanese company to maintain and reinforce its competitiveness against this severe backdrop, it is important to create an environment where people eager to work can exert their strength dynamically—regardless of their gender or age. To become a company that promotes each employee’s potential, Fujifilm started the company-wide Work Style Innovation campaign to create a corporate culture in which diverse employees can develop their own strengths and produce results through efficient ways of working.

Concretely, we continuously act on the following three principles: (1) Working style innovation (individual employees make their own arrangements to increase their productivity and results per hour); (2) Skill exertion of diverse employees (utilize employees’ strengths in their work regardless of gender or age); and (3) Enhancement of support systems (to enable flexible ways of working in order to support their child care or caring other family members). We aim to create a synergy effect through fully utilizing these three principles.

[image]Work Style Innovation

OPINION Third-Party Opinion on “Develop and Utilize Diverse Human Resources”

Great Expectation for Further Promotion on Work Style Innovation with Appropriate Target Setting and Acceleration on Expanding Global Measures


Craig Consulting
Mr. Mitsuo Ogawa
A specialist in organizational theory, Mr. Ogawa offers CSR consultations to create corporate value. His recent publications include, CSR—Increase Your Corporate Value— and Changes Brought by ISO26000 to Business (both published in Japanese by Nikkei Inc.). He is a member of the Human Resources Development Committee hosted by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

The Fujifilm Group lists “Effective Utilization and Training of Human Resources” as one of its priority CSR issues. In concrete terms, they are actively promoting female employees to higher positions and reorganizing their employment system to suit the aging society through the activities including Work Style Innovation.

At the same time, I would like to point out two issues to be addressed in their CSR activities. One is that the company should establish a way to track the progress of its targets for the activities by setting appropriate KPIs. Disclosing this level of activity data is very advanced. This is why I would like the Fujifilm Group to push another step to announce their commitment and publish their future plans concerning how to connect their CSR activities to its corporate value utilizing these KPIs.

The other point is that I would like the Group to accelerate their overseas CSR activities at the same speed as the global expansion of their business. For example, the Fujifilm Group is keen on its group-wide health management. I would like the Group to expand this activity to include their overseas subsidiaries. A global-scale health management should reduce sick leaves by employees, as well as the companies’ healthcare costs. I believe that this will produce a winwin result for both the business and its employees.

Response to the third-party opinion

In order to continue to offer high value to customers in this fast-moving social environment. It is important to increase productivity by enabling our diverse employees to work happily and effectively utilizing their individual strengths. The Fujifilm Group has been reinforcing its human resource development system to empower each and every employee, and we appreciate your positive comment on our efforts.

As you pointed out, we agree that it is important to visualize the progress of our activities to gain feedback to help us proceed even more effectively. We also plan to enhance our employees’ health and business growth from the global viewpoint as a new challenge. We are keeping our focus on human resource development so that diverse employees can continue their skills development to exert their professionalism to the fullest extent, aiming to lead this towards solutions to various social issues.
(Human Resources Division, FUJIFILM Holdings)

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