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Guidelines for Biodiversity


Since its establishment, Fujifilm Group has been recognizing that all its business activities benefit from the natural environment and has influence on such an environment. Based on the idea that environmental consideration and conservation are an integral part of corporate activities, the Group conducts a range of environmental activities to conserve biodiversity.

Guidelines for Biodiversity

Basic Concepts

In order to create a sustainable society, we have a responsibility to sincerely address serious problems currently facing us to eliminate negative legacies being passed on to future generations.

Among these serious problems, including climate change issues such as global warming, is biodiversity loss that is occurring at critical speed due to destruction of ecosystems and extinction of various living species.

Biodiversity provides us with food, medicine, and energy while reducing the risk of disasters. It is the very foundation of our culture and art, supporting our life and daily activities.

As the Fujifilm Group's business activities are closely related to biodiversity, it is our responsibility to avoid or minimize negative impacts on it, by addressing its preservation and sustainable usage. In doing so, it is essential to take into consideration that we exist in a state of global interdependence and keep an international perspective when taking necessary actions.

Action Guidelines
  1. To avoid destruction of biodiversity

    Biodiversity is the “web of life.” In business activities, the Fujifilm Group avoids or minimizes negative impacts on this web of life, and gives due consideration not to have anything to do with destruction of the web.

  2. To preserve biodiversity

    In business activities, the Fujifilm Group strives to keep the natural environment healthy and diverse, considering environmental preservation that reflects the natural and social conditions of each local community.

  3. To make best use of biodiversity

    The Fujifilm Group adopts sustainable methods to use biological resources for business activities, based on a long-term point of view, in order to maintain biodiversity for future generations.

  4. To act globally

    The Fujifilm Group strives to recognize impacts on biodiversity to reduce environmental burdens in domestic and overseas value chain frameworks when performing business activities.

  5. To meet social requirements

    The Fujifilm Group complies with international laws and regulations regarding biodiversity, and values collaboration and harmony with public bodies, NPO/NGOs, and other companies.

  6. To share information

    The Fujifilm Group proactively discloses information on activities regarding biodiversity. The Fujifilm Group also makes effor ts to raise employees' awareness of biodiversity issues to improve the quality and effectiveness of the Group's activities for such issues.

Adopted Date

June 1, 2009

Outline of Activities in FY2017

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