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Development and Dissemination of Environmentally Conscious Products and Services


The FUJIFILM Group undertakes environmentally conscious product development based on its design for environment, which considers the entire lifecycle of all products from procurement, manufacturing, transportation, use and disposal in setting targets from the perspective of climate change mitigation (reduced power use, etc.) from the design stage, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle principle of resource saving and recycling (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle), risk reduction of chemical substances, and biodiversity from the design stage. The degree of target achievement is assessed based on the mechanism of environmentally design once a product is developed.
This approach is applied not only to materials and standalone equipment, but also applied to software and solutions in a bid to reduce environmental impact in the society as a whole. LCA (*1) is conducted for quantitative and objective assessment of environmental impact. The environmental label is also used for active dissemination of information.

*1 LCA: Life-Cycle Assessment

FUJIFILM Group “Green Value Products” Certification Program

In an effort to “contribute to resolving environmental issues in society through our products and services,” as set out in the “Sustainable Value Plan (SVP) 2030” CSR plan targeted for FY2030, the FUJIFILM Group has added the FUJIFILM Group “Green Value Products” certification program in FY2018 to its existing internal regulations on design for environment, clarifying products’ environmental values and extending certification to products incorporating outstanding environmental considerations.

[Logo]FUJIFILM group Green Policy

(Example of certification label)

This certification program defines environmental assessment criteria for each of the product category which the weight of assessment criteria varies according to product usage and characteristics from the perspective of product lifecycle.
At the time of product development, assessment for environmental design is carried out according to the assessment criteria to clarify products’ environmental values. The total score from each of the assessment theme is used to select products to be certified.
Selected candidate products undergo a review and approval process by the company-wide Certification Review Board before gaining certification as “Green Value Products.”

In order to secure objectivity, credibility and transparency, the program complies with the ISO14021 international standard for environmental labels and declarations, and incorporates opinions of external experts in its administration. The company has received advice from Dr. Norihiro Itsubo of the Tokyo City University in launching this program.

■Certification program’s administration organization and certification process

[Image]Certification program’s administration organization and certification process

Assessment themes in the “Green Value Products” program

In view of each product’s entire lifecycle, this program comprehensively evaluates the products or services with environmental themes such as “climate change mitigation,” “resource saving and recycling,” “risk reduction of chemical substances” and “biodiversity”. The assessment criteria varies the weight on environmental themes for different business areas and product categories, reflecting social demand.

[Image]Assessment themes in the “Green Value Products” program

Certification criteria for products with “Green Value Products” program

There are three certification levels (Diamond, Gold and Silver) according to products’ contribution level in reducing environmental impact.

[Image]Ranking criteria for products with “Green Value Products” certification

Level Certification criteria
Diamond Products and services that use their respective industries’ innovative technologies to substantially contribute to reducing environmental impact
Gold Products and services that reduce environmental impact at their respective industries’ highest level
Silver Products and services that reduce environmental impact at their respective industries’ standard level or greater

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