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Procurement Policy


The Fujifilm Group will engage in ethical trading with emphasis on not only effort and study of its own, but also a committed partnership with suppliers, to provide top-quality products and services using leading-edge and proprietary technologies.

Fujifilm Group Procurement Policy

The Fujifilm group will conduct its procurement based on the basic concepts listed below, while building mutual trust and respect with suppliers.

  1. We will engage in ethical trading in compliance with laws, regulations and social norms, paying full considerations to perspectives including human rights, environment, occupational health and safety.
  2. We will treat all bidders with fairness and ensure that they are given the same level of information when preparing quotations. We will provide trading opportunities to all domestic and overseas suppliers, and actively consider procurement from newcomers.
  3. We will conduct procurement activities with reputable and reliable suppliers which are selected from comprehensive perspectives including quality, price, delivery time, technical capabilities, CSR activities and business continuity.

Note that ‘procurement’ under this policy covers not only the procurement of parts and materials for products, but also various trade activities such as procurement of indirectly related materials, maintenance and management service of facilities.

Request to Suppliers

At the Fujifilm Group, we aim to develop business activities together with our suppliers for which the importance of social responsibility and corporate morality is recognized and understood by those with whom we are building stronger partnerships as we implement fair dealings.

The suppliers with whom Fujifilm Group wishes to build stronger partnerships are businesses that comply with laws, regulations, and social standards, and those that proactively implement the following details that are included in important CSR action items.

These details conform to the Charter for Corporate Behavior and the Code of Conduct observed by the Fujifilm Group, but they may be reviewed, as appropriate, in the future in accordance with the changes in communication with our suppliers and the social environment. We request your cooperation in applying these details to activities within your company.

Important CSR action items

Respecting basic human rights

[Respecting basic human rights] : Respect basic human rights according to laws, regulations and international standards. Pay due considerations so that the company’s activities would not directly or indirectly cause the infringement of human rights.

[Non-Discrimination] : Do not discriminate against anyone for reasons such as ethnicity, race, religion, political belief, thought and creed, gender, place of birth, family lineage, disability and age.

[Prohibition of inhumane treatment] : Do not engage in any act that damages individual dignity (e.g. sexual harassment and power harassment), or treat anyone in an inhumane manner.

[Freedom of Association] : Respect workers' right to organize and right to collective bargaining.

[Prohibition of forced labor and child labor] : Do not engage in any form of forced labor and child labor.

[Working hours] : Take initiatives for controlling long working hours in consideration for workers' health.

[Wage] : Pay workers wages above the minimum level stipulated by law.

[Privacy] : Do not collect personal information about workers and customers unrelated to business activities and transactions.

[Occupational health and safety] : Comply with laws and regulations concerning industrial safety and health so as to prevent industrial accidents, promote worker safety and health, and establish a comfortable working environment.

Open, Fair and Clear Corporate Activities

[Active communication] : Engage in active communication to recognize and respond to the expectations and requests of business associates and workers.

[Disclosure of information] : Disclose corporate information such as business activities and financial status without tampering or falsification to fulfill corporate accountability.

[Fair trading] : Engage in fair, transparent and free competition as well as appropriate trading practices.

[Prohibit the abuse of superior bargaining position] : Do not abuse superior bargaining position, causing disadvantage to business associates.

[Preventing corruption] : Approach public servants and government officials with utmost prudence and care so as not to become involved in bribery or other unethical actions.

[Gifts and Gratuities] : Do not engage in acts that hinder the fairness in dealing with Fujifilm, e.g. giving / receiving gifts and entertainment.

[Dissociation with antisocial forces] : Eliminate any ties with antisocial forces and organizations that threaten the order and safety of civil society.

[Compliance with Import/Export Laws and Regulations] : Comply with the import and export laws and regulations in each country relevant to the import and export of all cargo and services and the external disclosure of related technical information (including software and technical guidance).

[Quality and product safety] : Pay full considerations to quality and safety in supplying goods and services to the market.

[Information security] : Manage and protect the confidential information of one's company and business associates appropriately.

[Intellectual property rights] : Respect other parties' intellectual property rights.

[Personal information] : Appropriately handle the collection, storage, management, utilization and disposal of personal information.

Environmental Conservation and Protection

[Promotion of green procurement] : Comply with the green procurement requirements stipulated by Fujifilm Group companies, and work toward building a mechanism and implementing initiatives and activities for appropriate management of chemical substances in products and environmental conservation.

[Prevention of global warming] : Implement various measures including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions so as to prevent global warming.

[Waste regulations] : Actively promote 3-R's (Reduce waste, Reuse and Recycle), and comply with laws and regulations concerning the disposal of waste.

[Prevention of environmental pollution] : Comply with environmental laws and regulations to prevent air pollution, water contamination, noise, vibrations, foul smell and soil contamination.

[Conservation of natural resources] : Work on the sustainable use of water and other natural resources such as forests, and the preservation of biodiversity through limiting the use of natural resources and promoting the cleanup of the environment.

Construction of Management Systems and Mechanisms

[Management System] : Construct mechanisms to improve business activities including risk management, with reference to international criteria and standards for management systems pertaining to labor and ethics, occupational health and safety, environment, quality control, and so on.

[Internal and External Notification] : Notify the importance of CSR promotion to employees, partner businesses, and stakeholders connected to business promotions.

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Q&A on "Request to Suppliers"

Q : Does the Fujifilm Group request only suppliers to address these important CSR action items?

A : Most items are included to the Charter for Corporate Behavior or the Code of Conduct observed by the Fujifilm Group. Other items are also addressed as priority issues within the Fujifilm Group. We are proposing to request suppliers to implement specific actions and measures currently being promoted within the Fujifilm Group.

Q : Will the Fujifilm Group refuse to deal with suppliers that do not comply with these important CSR action items?

A : The Fujifilm Group will not immediately cancel dealings with a supplier that dose not comply with the items. It will first examine measures aimed at enhancing its compliance, and request the cooperation of the supplier in implementing these measures. However, in such cases as legal violations that result in major problems, or non-compliance despite repeated requests for cooperation, we feel that it will be difficult to maintain a relationship of mutual trust, and we will cease dealings with such suppliers.

Q : How does the Fujifilm Group ensure that suppliers address these important CSR action items?

A : The Fujifilm Group sometimes requests suppliers to submit a self-assessment survey either prior to or during transactions. Visits to suppliers' premises are also sometimes conducted when circumstances demand.

Other policies and/or standards on procurement

There are some other procurement policies or standards which have already been required by the Fujifilm Group companies or specific industry for more details, please ask your contact person at the procurement division in the Fujifilm Group.

Outline of Activities in FY2017

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