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[Priority issue 3]Ensure Product and Chemical Safety"Outline of Activities in FY2015"


Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2016.

Management of Chemical Substances


Fujifilm manages the chemical substances used in its business according to the internal classifications based on the applicable laws and regulations, the level of hazard, and the company’s management policies.

In FY2015, we created the outline of our new companywide rules on chemical management, to ensure consistency with the trend of chemical management in the world today, including the change of perspectives on chemical safety placing the emphasis on the chemical risk and the expanding scope of regulated chemical substances as well as shortening the period of time between proposal for regulation and enforcement. The essential features of the new internal rules are implementation of chemical risk assessment for all chemical substances used in Fujifilm and management categories of chemical substances linked to significance of chemical regulations. We aim at ensuring the further safe handling and well-planned use of chemical substances through these activities.

The revised Industrial Safety and Health Act came into force in Japan in June 2016. This act makes an assessment of the chemical risk to human health mandatory when using substances specified by the Order for Enforcement of the Industrial Safety and Health Act (as Dangerous or Harmful Substances Subject to Labeling, etc.). The assessment was an effort obligation until this revision. To respond to this revised act appropriately, we developed and started to implement chemical risk assessment procedure used in the Fujifilm Group in Japan. The procedure was designed to conduct chemical risk assessment practically and efficiently by standardizing the assessment steps as much as possible for typical operation conditions.

Future Prospects

In FY2016, we expand our activities to ensure an understanding of the new chemical management throughout the Group, both in Japan and other countries, and start full-scale implementation.

Management of Chemical Substances in Products

Fujifilm has been improving its management of chemicals in products across the supply chain through regular briefings for the suppliers and support to the suppliers. In fiscal 2015, the briefings were organized to provide social trend and latest regulatory information concerning chemicals in products in addition to the method and procedure of the information communication to foster the deeper understandings. We focused on conversation with the suppliers about their issues on the information communication towards their solution.

At the same time, we became a supporting member of chemSHERPA, which is a new scheme that facilitates communicating information on chemicals in products throughout the supply chain developed by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan to reinforce our system to enhance the management of chemical substances contained in our products. For the smooth transition from the current information communication scheme to chemSHERPA, we joined various related committee activities of the JAMP ( Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium ), which has been the operating body of chemSHERPA, and act as one of the leading companies since April 2016.

Future Prospects

Along with preparation for the smooth transition to chemSHERPA, we will further expand our management system concerning chemical in products in the Asia region.

Note: The article on this page is taken from Sustainability Report 2016.





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